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‘This is the most insane ad’: Servers shares restaurant job listing on Craigslist with highly specific requirements

'Do not apply if you’ll think you need nights off because your grandma poisoned you with her ham, again.'


Allyson Waller

Internet Culture

Posted on Mar 9, 2023

Some employers are tired of hearing excuses from workers, as evidenced by a recent video where a TikToker shares a job listing that contains super specific requirements for those who need not apply. 

In the video, user Abbey (@.desertrat) shares a job listing for a server position that she found on the website Craigslist. 

“This is the most insane ad for a server at a restaurant that I’ve ever seen and it just made my day,” Abbey says in the clip.

She notes that the ad starts off relatively normal—it requests a server that can work in a “fun, fast-paced unique bar restaurant.” The ad goes on to say the server must be sober on the job and be calm in a fast-paced environment.

“Then it goes on to this huge paragraph,” Abbey claims.

@.desertrat DONT GET LOCKED IN YOUR OWN HOUSE OR YOU WILL BE FIRED!!! #craigslist #craigslistspecial #serverlife #nobodywantstowork ♬ original sound – abbbbbey

The listing notes people should not apply for the job if they have an “inability to handle skillful sarcasm,” have no alarm clock, tend to oversleep, call in sick if they’ve partied too hard the night before, and many other niche qualities (such as suddenly becoming ill on Coachella and Splash House weekends.)

“‘You will not last if you want to score social points with the cute patron by giving away food and beverage on our dime, with our inventory,’” Abbey goes on to read from the job listing. “‘Do not apply if you’ll think you need nights off because your grandma poisoned you with her ham, again.’” 

Other excuses the job poster listed included people having a headache after going to too many garage sales, being at the casino all night with money to spend, or ordering takeout that you have to be home to receive. 

The ad also mentioned that it didn’t want people to apply that suffer from “trauma-drama syndrome,” people with “big egos,” or “grumpy introverts.” 

“‘Individuals unable to accept the fact that you get paid to work, need not apply,’” Abbey reads.

She concludes, “This sounds like an amazing place to work doesn’t it?”

A 2017 report from the company CareerBuilder found that 40% of workers have called in sick when they were actually not sick and 26% of employers have fired workers they have found making fake excuses. 

Commenters were quick to note that it’s extremely likely the employer who wrote the Craigslist ad endured repeated excuses from servers in the past. 

“It sounds like that employer has heard every single one of those excuses and has a bit of trauma,” one commenter said. 

“100%,” Abbey wrote in response.

Some also noted that sometimes out-of-ordinary things happen to people that they legitimately need to take care of. 

“Honestly I have gotten 6 flat tires in a year and half,” another commenter said. “I figured my job wouldn’t believe me so I showed proof every time.” 

One person noted it’s likely the place of employment has a high turnover rate and may not be the most ideal place to work.

“[In other] words they have a huge problem with turnover for their workers because it’s a shit job that probably offer shit pay a little to no benefits,” they said. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to  Abbey via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Mar 9, 2023, 1:47 pm CST