Florida person allegedly tried to sell baby on Craigslist for $500


Florida law enforcement agents are trying to figure out who posted an ad on Craigslist that appears to be selling a newborn baby for $500.

“Selling brand newborn baby for $500. Baby is 2weeks old. It sleeps, don’t make noise at night,” the ad posted to the Miami Craigslist read, per the Miami Herald. “Formula and clothes will give to you. Can give you the baby 4 year old sister for free.”

The ad continued with information about the alleged poster.

“I live in a quiet influential neighborhood. I work for department of children and families. I don’t wanna be judged for not wanting these kids,” the ad allegedly read. 

A Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman declined to give the Herald specifics about the case but said an investigation was launched late last week. Since then, investigators have interviewed one woman they believed to have posted the ad, though she denied any involvement or wrongdoing.

It’s still unclear whether the post was real or a hoax. Investigators are now awaiting computer records they believe might help them find a person of interest. 


H/T Miami Herald

Alexandra Samuels

Alexandra Samuels

Alexandra Samuels is a political reporter at the Texas Tribune and contributor to the Daily Dot, where she started as an intern covering politics in the summer of 2016. She enjoys Marvel movies, baking, and reading murder-mystery novels.