GOP lawmaker accused of antisemitism for replying to post seemingly calling out a reporter's Jewish heritage

‘Yes she is’: A story on shoplifting at CVS led to a GOP congressman calling out a reporter for being Jewish

‘The GOP isn’t even trying to hide its antisemitism.’

On by Katherine Huggins

Anti-fat TikToker

Fatphobic TikToker gets backlash for her anti-fat viral video

Many fat and plus-sized TikTokers took their critiques a step further and stitched the video to explain all that is wrong with it. 

On by Tricia Crimmins


This new Twitter meme pokes fun at Hollywood’s most overused tropes 

‘Hi I’m a woman in a movie. I have perfect hair and make up even when I’m in a perilous situation.’

On by Dominic-Madori Davis


Boys’ sleepovers vs. girls’ sleepovers meme takes stereotypes to absurd heights

Boys’ sleepovers seem like a very dangerous place.

On by David Britton

Sleight trailer

‘Sleight’ finally flips Hollywood’s ‘magical negro’ stereotype on its head

The most original superhero movie of the season is already in theaters.

On by Kahron Spearman

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School apologizes after serving fried chicken for Black History Month-themed lunch

It isn’t the first to make this mistake.

On by Samantha Grasso

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Google autocomplete reveals exactly what people think of your state

You gotta feel for Rhode Island.

On by Elijah Watson

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Axe’s ‘Find Your Magic’ ad campaign attempts to sell a broader definition of masculinity

‘The most attractive man you can be is yourself.’

On by Deron Dalton

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MANCAN is the manly wine that bros have been waiting for

Apparently, wine glasses are just too ‘girly.’

On by [email protected]

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Tazzy Phe is tearing down Muslim stereotypes on YouTube

As a young Muslim girl growing up in Colorado, Tazzy Phe is here to check YouTube’s privilege.

On by Carly Lanning

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Why the success of the Williams Sisters is a testament to black resilience

They’ve beaten the odds—both on and off the court.

On by Derrick Clifton

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It’s OK if the next James Bond is another white guy

Let James Bond stay white and Scottish. Black people will be just fine.

On by Morgan Jerkins

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Here’s the hellscape America would become if we ended birthright citizenship

The GOP is making a major statement about who should live in America.

On by Feliks Garcia

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Shaun King isn’t the second coming of Rachel Dolezal

This is what happens when you follow Breitbart logic on race.

On by Derrick Clifton

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It’s time to drop the ‘A-word’ when we talk about immigrants

If you think it isn’t offensive, think again.

On by Chris Osterndorf

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