Google autocomplete reveals exactly what people think of your state

We go to Google for anything and everything, and the search engine is so generous that it even autocompletes our questions for us. But those autocomplete responses can lead to some unexpected hilarity.

Case in point: This Mental Floss map of what Google suggests when you type in “Why does [state]…” Questions include: “Why does Texas want to secede,” “Why does Nevada allow prostitution,” “Why does Rhode Island exist,” “Why does Colorado hate California,” Why does Montana hate the FBI,” and our personal favorite, “Why does Florida suck?”

Chloe Effron/Mental Floss

Now you know what people tend to think of the state you live or were born in. Just try not to hold it against them—that’s what smelly Nebraskans do.

H/T Mental Floss | Photo via Mental Floss

Elijah Watson

Elijah Watson

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