ice spice twerk fail

‘No hope for the future anymore’: Ice Spice’s dead-eyed twerking has the internet concerned, amused

The ‘Phat Butt’ singer appeared at Poland’s Open’er Festival looking like she’d rather be anywhere else.

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Dua Lipa face meme (three split)

Dua Lipa was forced to listen to a song at Glastonbury—her reactions are now a meme

The singer was approached at Glastonbury by aspiring London artist Liam C.

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Woman says she was turned down for job checking wristbands at festival bathrooms;Close Up Of Friends At Entrance To Music Festival Putting On Security Wristbands

‘This is surely a new low’: Woman says she was turned down for job checking wristbands at festival bathrooms. She has a college degree

‘Me after shoe zone rejected me.’

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ronald gladden striped shirt in the tv show jury duty

Not having HBO Max kept Ronald from ‘Jury Duty’ from being screened off the show

‘Parks and Recreation never came up, and I’m really glad I didn’t mention it because I never would have been cast.’

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Coachella-goers pay $42 for 2 lattes

‘And they still want a tip’: Coachella-goers pay $41 for 2 lattes

‘Is there a reason why the price is so high?’

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RV interior with eggs broken yolks leaked on RV couch with caption 'Any guess where these lovely guests went?' (l) RV with door open outside caption 'Rented out or brand new RV and they took it to a place they promised they were not going to go' (c) RV interior with trash, a hat, and broken eggs everywhere with caption 'Any guess where these lovely guests went?' (r)

‘He bluntly lied and took it to the only place we had restricted’: TikToker says renters trashed their RV and lied about going to Burning Man

‘Sorry not sure what burning man is, not going to any kind of festival.’

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Carnival rides in a parking lot with caption 'ACE Family Festival, It's hot af'

‘Why do people like getting scammed?’: Videos showing ‘ACE Family Festival’ go viral

‘No way people actually went.’

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Viral videos show fans jumping on emergency carts trying to reach injured Astroworld attendees

‘You can’t really defend this.’

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Madeline Eskins' instagram story from astroworld

‘An absolute sh*t show’: Nurse who went to Astroworld describes understaffed, inexperienced medics in Instagram post (updated)

She had passed out herself, then immediately tried to help others.

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Video: Festivalgoers band together to stop moving carnival ride from tipping over

‘I think if they hadn’t been holding it, it would have fallen back.’

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video of man dragging woman by hair mala luna festival

Video shows man dragging woman by hair from dance circle

He appeared to be yelling at her for ‘twerking.’

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Belgian music festival VestiVille is giving people Fyre Festival flashbacks

‘Hey Netflix, I’m ready for my interview.’

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Ja Rule at the American Music Awards

Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival hit with $100 million class-action lawsuit

The class-action suit alleges the festival failed to provide food or shelter.

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Harambe memes

Texas music festival’s promise to feature Harambe hologram a hoax

Day for Night Festival will create a tribute to the deceased gorilla.

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Homepage article image

In remote Arizona, a music festival for the future

How FORM Arcosanti found its groove.

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