Dua Lipa face meme (three split)


Dua Lipa was forced to listen to a song at Glastonbury—her reactions are now a meme

The singer was approached at Glastonbury by aspiring London artist Liam C.


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Dua Lipa had a mixed weekend at Glastonbury. On Friday, she headlined a performance on the Pyramid Stage that was, by all accounts, extremely well received. Naturally, the “Levitating” singer and “go girl, give us nothing” ground zero decided to enjoy the rest of her weekend at the festival. Oh, if only it were that simple. 

On Saturday, giving-it-his-best musician Liam C approached a plain-clothed Dua Lipa. The video of the interaction was shared by Liam on his Instagram, accompanied by the caption: “Thank you [Dua] for stopping and giving my tune a listen.”

“I wanted to play you 30 seconds of my song and if you like it, I just want to get your reaction,” he said. Oh, my good man, be careful what you wish for. Dua stood there and politely listened as the song, half-white-boi-hip-hop/half-whiter-boi-ukelele jaunt, began.

However, even a performer of her experience and caliber could only fake it for so long. The eyes take a turn, the smile fades, the posture dips and she’s realized it: she’s trapped in a “cringe” moment! Sure, that’s no big headline for you or I, but this is Dua Lipa we’re talking about. She’s a cool celebrity!

“I love it mate. It’s so good.” Dua said once the promised 30 seconds were up and darted away with great haste, as anyone watching the video would be screaming at her to do. 

However, it was too late. The damage had been done. 

That’s right… The moment had become a meme.

As it turns out, Liam had snuck into Glastonbury to share his music with the unsuspecting attendees, eventually escorted out by security. He seems to have picked up on the response to his little snafu as well:

Follow your dreams, kids. If they don’t pan out, at least it’ll maybe result in a new meme!

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