Woman says she was turned down for job checking wristbands at festival bathrooms;Close Up Of Friends At Entrance To Music Festival Putting On Security Wristbands

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‘This is surely a new low’: Woman says she was turned down for job checking wristbands at festival bathrooms. She has a college degree

'Me after shoe zone rejected me.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 1, 2023

There’s only so much a person’s dignity can take. And getting rejected for a job checking wristbands at festival bathrooms has left one woman teetering on the edge.

TikToker Bronia (@uglibaby) shared her soul-crushing job rejection in a video that’s amassed over 543,100 views. The TikTok shows her walking down the street while Lizzo’s “Pink (Bad Day)” plays. 


I’ve only worked at festivals, volunteered at festivals, helped organise, run and do the set design for festivals. Not to mention that bachelors degree…

♬ Pink – Lizzo

“If you ever feel like your job search isn’t going well, remember me,” Bronia starts in the text overlay. “Today I got rejected from a job checking the wristbands at an entrance to the toilets at a festival.” 

Bronia explained that since she has extensive experience working at festivals—not to mention a Bachelor’s degree—she was shocked that she wasn’t hired. 

“That’s right, they deemed me not good enough to stand beside festival PORTALOOS and check wristbands,” she wrote. “This is surely a new low!” 

In the comments, people commiserated about how hard it is these days to get a job, including the less desirable minimum-wage ones. 

“Job searching is soul destroying,” one person commented with a crying emoji. “Getting rejected from jobs to see that they’re still hiring for the same role weeks/months later,” another noted. 

“Me after shoe zone rejected me,” a third stated, referring to a U.K. footwear retailer.

Others wrote that Bronia should consider herself lucky for getting a response in the first place. 

“At least you’re getting told they don’t want you tho,” this person wrote. “I love getting ignored for every application.”

Thanks to its relatability, commenters on the TikToker’s video began discussing the current state of the job market. 

“And people keep saying ‘nobody wants to work these days’.. like girl we keep applying but nobody calls us,” a woman wrote. 

“I got rejected for minimum wage paper sorting. Just putting paper into boxes. What went wrong???” another shared. 

“They all want someone with experience, LIKE IM TRYING TO HAVE EXPERIENCE RN BESTIE BUT YALL AINT HIRING,” this user exclaimed. 

“Me getting rejected for a minimum wage job in a toy shop & now training to be a blood scientist,” this man shared. “Really is rough out there.” 

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*First Published: Aug 1, 2023, 7:14 pm CDT