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‘No hope for the future anymore’: Ice Spice’s dead-eyed twerking has the internet concerned, amused

The ‘Phat Butt’ singer appeared at Poland’s Open’er Festival looking like she’d rather be anywhere else.


Mike Hadge

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Are you at work right now? Are you excited to be there? Are you doing your job with the same vim and vigor as the first day when your next professional step was beginning anew, brimming with possibility? No? Not even close? Then you may have a kindred spirit in everyone’s favorite spice: Ice Spice. 

Ice Spice twerks with a vacant stare

On Friday, rapper Ice Spice appeared at the Open’er Festival in Poland as part of her Y2K! world tour and many have observed that her signature twerking lacked its usual flare.

Sure, the body twerked, but the eyes and overall expression certainly…whatever the opposite of twerked is:

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TikToker Luke Watson comments, “As much as I hate Ice Spice I honestly don’t even blame her.”

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That’s the thing: once you do a job, any job, malaise and repetition can set in. Something as invigorating as twerking can have the same obligatory mundanity as filling out a Google Spreadsheet about aluminum sales.

Thus, when you’ve twerked as much as Ice Spice has over the course of her life, the act becomes just another day at the office. It’s tragic, really.

The internet reacts with concern and amusement 

That being said, the now-dubbed “Meh Twerk” has some fans legitimately concerned about her mental health.

Here’s hoping Ice Spice finds her twerk spark soon. If not, the several weeks remaining of her Y2K! world tour are going to be lonnnnnng.

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