New leak suggests Apex Legends is getting a rocket launcher

Apex Legends

We’re gonna need another Lifeline.

Apex Legends is well underway, and that means plenty of patch notes to comb through detailing all the little gameplay changes we can expect. Usually, like in the case of the Wingman revolver, that means a damage nerf. Today, though, a new leak from the oft-vindicated @ApexLeaksNews on Twitter tells us that Apex Legends may be getting a rocket launcher weapon.

In what might be the tiniest dang screenshot I’ve ever witnessed, @ApexLeaksNews has determined that a certain file in Apex Legends shows that a rocket launcher may be coming to the game.

Aside from new characters like Octane and Octane, a rocket launcher might actually be one of the most significant changes to Apex Legends since its release a little more than a month ago. For one, it might actually encourage more players to spread out and think in a more tactical fashion, since it seems Apex Legends solo-players are typically one of two breeds: clumping around the squad and getting in your face or running off into the distance only to be shot dead by the first squad they encounter.


It’s also interesting because rocket launchers were a fairly common part of Respawn’s Titanfall multiplayer gameplay. In those games, however, rocket launchers were strictly an anti-Titan weapon, meant to lock on and dole out some damage to make the man vs. mech fight a little fairer. Considering Respawn has no intentions of ever letting Titans enter the Apex Legends battlefield, it’s highly likely that we’ll be getting either a much more straightforward point-and-explode rocket launcher or some new gimmick. Peep the video below if you want an idea of how those past rocket launchers worked.

There are no further details to suggest when or how Apex Legends will be getting rocket launchers, but you can check back later to find out when we know. While you’re waiting, make sure to consult our Apex Legends guides to the best characters, season 1 details, and everything we know about the most-leaked character Octane.

Joseph Knoop

Joseph Knoop

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