Wing Stop customer speaking in car with caption 'I need you to listen to my Wingstop story from last night and tell me if one' (l) Wing Stop sign on building (c)'re almost out of everything that we have' (r)

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‘They will take your money’: Wingstop customer told she can have a refund in 2 weeks—or her order may be incomplete if she eats now

'Mine just has a bunch of teenagers working by themselves.'


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Aug 30, 2023

In a trending TikTok video, Melissa Dvojacki (@meli.dee) recounts a bewildering experience at her local Wingstop, shedding light on employees “clearly in distress” and possible operational issues some fast-food chains face.

The video has over 36,000 views and shows her in the car immediately after the incident. The caption reads, “I need fast food/chain restaurant workers/managers to give me their POV!! This is a consistent problem at this @wingstop location.”

“First of all, let me just preface this by saying that the Wingstop by my house is low-key known for not being the best,” Melissa begins, laying the foundation of her tale. Despite having reservations due to their reputation for mismanaged orders and poor customer service, she admits, “No, [that hasn’t stopped me] because I f****** love Wingstop.”

However, this loyalty was tested on her recent visit. “I get there and walk into the store. The energy immediately is off,” she says, painting a picture of a chaotic restaurant. “Every mother f****** in that Wingstop is clearly in distress.” With just three employees present—one managing the register and two in the kitchen—she quickly sensed the establishment’s challenges.

The scene became more dramatic when Melissa heard the employee at the register speak to what seemed to be a frustrated DoorDash customer: “I don’t know what to tell you. Like, we don’t have anything. We’re almost out of everything that we have,” they reportedly said. This sentiment was confirmed when, after placing her order via the app, she was informed that her food was never made and they were out of the requested items.

She describes the resolution options offered as equally disappointing: A refund that would take two weeks or picking up her order later, with no assurance of availability.

@meli.dee I need fast food/chain restaurant workers/managers to give me their POV!! This is a consistent problem at this @wingstop location 😩 #wingstop #fastfoodstories #storytime ♬ original sound – Melissa Dvojacki

“If you know you’re consistently running out of food, shouldn’t you anticipate that and order more?” she rightly questions, highlighting possible systemic issues. The evident stress and strain on the restaurant’s employees didn’t escape her notice either, likening their situation to having “gone to war and back.”

The story stands as a testament to the challenges faced by fast-food chains and their employees, especially in peak hours or during shortages. While slip-ups can be forgiven, repeated errors could cause loyal customers like Melissa to reconsider their dining choices.

Reactions to the video were a mix of sympathy and humor. They shared frustrations, with many TikTokers relating to Melissa’s experience and offering their two cents on how such situations could be handled better.

“Definitely sounds like the general manager doesn’t order enough inventory, meaning their management is lacking a lot!” said one person. “Cashiers just relaying the message.” Another commenter agreed: “Definitely a management issue & the reg workers have zero control over it they just have to work with what they got. I really think it’s just a location issue because of the management and workflow. I’d definitely just change locations.”

“Most Wingstop don’t even have managers working,” said a Wingstop customer. “Mine just has a bunch of teenagers working by themselves.”

With many employees being “clearly in distress,” some saw the issue as an overload issue; perhaps mobile orders are a culprit. “There SHOULD be an option for the manager to turn off mobile orders for that location at least temporarily,” said one person. But others replied that the chances are slim to none, one person stating, “Franchise owners and corporate-owned places like this will NEVER turn off the mobile order. They will take your money and not give you shit.”

The Daily Dot contacted Melissa Dvojacki and Wingstop for comments on the incident.

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*First Published: Aug 30, 2023, 4:48 pm CDT