woman who works at Wing Stop restaurant eating wings.

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‘They think I’m glued behind the counter’: Wingstop worker calls out customers who stare at her while she eats on lunch break

‘They expect you to get up during your lunch break to take their order.’


Nina Hernandez


Workers need to eat too.

That was the message behind a Wingstop employee who posted a TikTok video about customers staring at her during her lunch break.

Kennedy, known as @kaay2fiine on TikTok, posted a video during her lunch break at Wingstop, with an on-screen caption reading, “POV you are the customer staring at me eat my lunch in awe like I’m not allowed to sit down and eat just like you.” The video has amassed more than 286,000 views on TikTok since it was posted on Saturday.

@kaay2fiine its like they think im glued behind the counter 😂😂😂😂. #fyp #222 #CapCut ♬ son original – xybvz

“It’s like they think I’m glued behind the counter,” she added in a caption.

Users with experience at a wide variety of food service jobs said they could relate to customers judging or disrupting lunch breaks.

“Or when you take a sip of water at the counter and they look at you crazy,” said one user. “Baby I can’t be thirsty?”

“No, but someone literally complained to our managers that one of my coworkers was taking a lunch break,” said another user. “Like damn we can’t be hungry now?”

“A customer once walked up to me and said, ‘That looks soooo good,’” someone else recalled. “Like sir, leave me alone, please.”

“Lol for real and they expect you to get up during your lunch break to take their order,” another observed. “Uhn uhn get somebody else to do it.”

A user named Alina said her previous workplaces had a remedy for this problem. “All my old managers had us eat or drink in the back because they didn’t wanna deal with customers nonsense.”

One user admitted she could not work at Wingstop. “I would have wings in my pockets,” she wrote. Kennedy responded with several crying with laughter emojis. “Please get out of here.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Kennedy via Instagram DM for comment.

Update 6:20pm CT, June 17: Kennedy tells the Daily Dot: “I learned that many people see fast food workers as inhuman. I had a person comment that ‘i am there to serve.’ Basically I shouldn’t be complaining at all or even on a lunch break at all just doing my job whole time I am there. It was a bittersweet moment to know people related to me but also received negative input when it comes to taking a lunch that we very much deserve after being on our feet for a majority of the day . I love my job and have no problem doing what I do and I am well aware of what I came to do, but in order to do my job I need something to help me stay on my feet!”

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