Wingstop worker shares how to make the lemon pepper rub

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‘Butter flavored oil is insane’: Wingstop worker shares how to make the lemon pepper rub

'I at least thought there was some lemon juice in there.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Aug 28, 2023

Fast food workers often take to TikTok to reveal how different food items are made, from Chipotle’s corn salsa to Panda Express‘s cream cheese rangoon. This time, a Wingstop worker is demonstrating how the chicken chain makes their lemon pepper seasoning.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user DogPoundCeline (@celine.thefrenchie), who shows viewers how to make the franchise’s lemon pepper seasoning step by step. The video comes in response to a commenter’s request and is set to the “Jacka**” theme song.

First, they show two gallons of Wingstop Gold Butter Flavored Oil.

@celine.thefrenchie Replying to @premonition145 How to make Lemon Pepper Seasoning Wingstop Edition 🍗 #wingstopwings #lemonpepper #fyp #challenge #justforfun #comedia #funny #viraltiktok #recommendations #dogsoftiktok #question #wingstop #howtotiktok ♬ Jackass – TV Theme Players

Next, come four cups of lemon pepper seasoning. The content creator dumps one gallon of the oil into a bin followed by the seasoning, then the other gallon. The video wraps up with the content creator mixing the concoction with a whisk.

This TikToker isn’t the only one lifting the curtain on recipes from Wingstop. User Peachy recently shared how the company makes their ranch: the user dumped a gallon of mayonnaise and two half gallons of buttermilk into a bucket and stirred it.

The video from DogPoundCeline has racked up over 324,000 views as of publication, and left viewers shocked.

“Butter flavored oil is insane,” one viewer wrote.

“Never thought I would read the words ‘two gallons of butter,’” a second stated.

“D*mn I at least thought there was some lemon juice in there,” a third commented.

However, others noticed some more concerning issues about the Wingstop concoction.

“Wait… did you just [mix] more sauce into an existing container of sauce?” one user asked.

“So yall just keep topping off the same container? we just casually committing major health code violations now,” another remarked.

“With no gloves on,” a third added.

The Daily Dot reached out to DogPoundCeline via TikTok comment and to Wingstop via press contact form regarding the video

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*First Published: Aug 28, 2023, 5:37 pm CDT