Ex-Uber driver shows the real reason they canceled your ride

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‘I can name you several reasons’: Ex-Uber driver shows the real reason they canceled your ride

‘Just stop being extra.’


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A TikTok creator sparked discussion when she revealed why some drivers won’t pick up certain riders. In her video, Rebecca Sophia Scott (@beccasophiascott) pulls from her experience as a former Uber driver in Las Vegas to spill some tea on why she would cancel rides. The video now has over 446,000 views.

Scott begins the video with a theory from another TikToker some may be recently familiar with.

“The ‘looking for a man in finance’ girl has the following theory,” Scott stated, before playing a clip from TikToker Megan Boni (@girl_on_couch), whose video recently went viral for song lyrics about her search for a man in finance. 

“If an Uber driver ever cancels on you, just know it’s because they saw that they connected with you for a ride, and they saw your picture, and they got a little too nervous […] because you’re so good-looking,” Boni stated in the clip.

Scott first debunks Boni’s theory by revealing that Uber drivers cannot see a rider’s picture at all, even if one was uploaded to the rider’s account. 

“So to all the Uber riders out there, we do not see your picture,” Scott asserts. “Even if you upload one to your Uber app, we do not see your picture. At all.”

She’s not wrong. According to Uber’s Privacy protection policy for riders, drivers won’t be able to see the profile picture or other personally identifying information of riders, like last names and phone numbers. 

However, what the drivers do see is the Uber passenger rating.

“But we can see your rating,” she continues. 

“So if your rating is like a 4.1 or a 4.2, we know something happened.” Scott goes on to offer a few reasons why a rider would receive a less-than-perfect rating. 

“Maybe you threw up in the car. You made a mess. Maybe you left a mess. Maybe you were annoying […] but there is a reason why your rating is not at five stars, and you all have to admit it.”

Safety is the name of the game

Although, the rating isn’t the only reason an Uber driver might cancel a ride. Sometimes, it’s all in the name.

“Same if you have like a super weird name, like a sketchy name [or] a scary name. Like I’m trying to be safe,” Scott states. Because of her experience picking up riders with unusual names, she proposes that Uber require riders to use only their government names.

“I don’t know how many Champagnes I picked up in Las Vegas. Or I don’t know, just letters. Just a K, T, or M. Like who are you?” 

‘You’re going to be annoying’

Rebecca ends her video with the last reason why she would cancel an Uber ride: needy passengers.

@beccasophiascott Just stop being extra😳🥲 #uber #uberdriver #drivinguber #lasvegas ♬ original sound – Rebecca Sophia Scott 📕💰

“If I accept the ride, and you’re messaging me like 15 times, and telling me what to do and where to go and this and that, that’s just too much. I don’t know. I’m already overwhelmed. I know you’re going to be stressful. You’re going to be annoying. So at that point, I’m just canceling the ride. I’m taking the L,” she concludes.

Neither Rebecca Sophia Scott nor Megan Boni immediately responded to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email. We’ve reached out to Uber as well.

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