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‘I’m looking for a man in finance’: The song of the summer’s here—and it’s not close

For all the girlies.


Charlotte Colombo

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That One Sound is a column from internet culture reporter Charlotte Colombo that explores the origin of popular sounds heard on TikTok.

There’s plenty of contenders for the song of the summer. Perhaps “Espresso,” by Sabrina Carpenter, Kendrick Lamar’s latest diss track, or anything from The Tortured Poets’ Department. But there’s only one song that’s stuck in everyone’s heads right now. And that’s the irresistibly catchy, “I’m looking for a man in finance.”

The sound


I had an ideaaaa😭✨

♬ Looking for a man tima remix – Tima Pages

Set to a powerful EDM beat, a woman raps the following lyrics: “I’m looking for a man in finance. Trust fund. 6’5″. Blue eyes. Finance.” And so on.

Undeniably, this song is for the girlies, as TikTokers made it the soundtrack of their pursuit of these businessmen. To secure the titular “men in finance,” the girlies tried everything, from gatecrashing their father’s business dinner, to serving croissants during commuting hours and even cosplaying as men in finance themselves.

At the time of writing, the song has been used in 20,400 TikToks, which more than anything teaches us one important lesson: Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Where’s it from?


Can someone make this into an actual song plz just for funzies

♬ original sound – Girl On Couch

The rap itself was first posted by Megan Boni (@girl_on_couch) on April 30. In what are perhaps some famous last words, she asked via the on-screen caption whether she had just made the song of the summer.

The video, which has amassed 24 million views, speaks for itself, but magic truly struck when TikToker and music student Ruby (@rubythepookie) remixed the song with the EDM backing track which you may recognise as Far East Movement’s 2010 hit “Like a G6.”

So, if anything, it’s more of a mashup than a remix.

Sound off


Fake it til you make it bb

♬ Looking for a man tima remix – Tima Pages

DJs like David Guetta, Billen Ted, and Alesso and Loud Luxury are already falling over themselves to make their own version of this song, with Charlie Hedges playing her own remix on BBC Radio One’s Dance Anthems. The TikToker has even been singed to Captiol Records off the back of the song’s success.

But Boni reiterated to the Daily Beast that the song isn’t designed to be taken seriously. “It was 100 percent a parody,” she said. “Everything I do on TikTok is satire. If anyone knows me, they know I am not a party girl. I sit on my couch, I am the laziest girl ever.”

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