Woman compares items at Walmart that are cheaper than Dollar Tree

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‘Dollar Tree is a rip-off now’: Woman compares items at Walmart that are cheaper than at Dollar Tree

‘Since The Dollar Tree went to 1.25 I rarely shop there anymore.’


Braden Bjella


As inflation slows but prices remain high, many shoppers are still looking for ways to save money on groceries. 

One area that shoppers have taken to by storm is dollar stores. A study by the American Journal of Public Health found that dollar stores were the fastest-growing food retailers by household expenditure share, with customers eagerly flocking to the stores for their supposedly low prices.

However, while customers can find deals in these stores, they may not always be as good as they seem, as TikTok user Morgan (@morganchompz) shares in a now-viral video.

In a clip with over 280,000 views as of Sunday, Morgan shows items that can be purchased at Walmart for less than Dollar Tree’s standard $1.25 price tag.

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Throughout the video, Morgan shows several items for sale at Walmart that are allegedly cheaper than their Dollar Tree alternatives. Furthermore, Morgan notes that Walmart offers its own Great Value branded items that frequently offer more product at a lower cost, making them an even better deal than Dollar Tree. Some of the items listed include brownie mix, macaroni and cheese boxes, canned vegetables, and canned tuna, among others.

In the comments section, many users shared their own Walmart deal discoveries.

“Walmart brand Mac & cheese is only 50¢!” one user exclaimed. “Much better choice than dollar trees.”

“Party supplies .. plates, napkins and tablecloths better quality at Walmart,” another noted.

“A good amount of the seasonal decors are also cheaper! $.98 for table covers and goodie bags and so much more,” echoed a third.

Many complained about what they perceived to be declining quality and content at dollar stores.

“Dollar Tree is a rip off now,” shared a commenter.

“I only stop at dollar tree for cute decor/home finds now,” wrote a second. “the food isn’t really cheaper.”

“I don’t find that groceries are cheaper at dollar tree anymore— I go there for the ‘miscellaneous’ buys like baskets and random kitchen utensils,” stated an additional TikToker.

We’ve reached out to Morgan via email.

Update 3;33pm CT, Apr. 16, 2023: In an email to the Daily Dot, Morgan offered tips for those interested in following price differences.

“The best way for consumers to keep track of price differences is to first understand that just because an item is at Dollar Tree does not mean it is naturally the cheapest option,” she wrote. “What’s also important for people to remember is there are many types of foods at Walmart that are almost always going to be cheaper, like canned goods, boxed mixes, and baking ingredients.”

“My favorite way to track price differences is to have my Walmart app handy. This way, I can look up an item at Walmart to see if it falls under $1.25 while I’m at Dollar Tree,” she added. “I also take size/quantity into account when it comes to Walmart. Dollar Tree does not sell items in bulk like Walmart does, so even though something might cost more at Walmart, you might be getting much more product. These principles are easy to adopt and once one gets into the routine of price checking in these ways, it becomes second nature!”

She also discussed how the responses to her videos have changed since the increase in inflation.

“The biggest change in the response to my type of food finds and budgeting content has been people’s willingness to try off-brand items and to take the time to compare prices,” she detailed. “As prices have gone up on groceries, users have become more willing to give off-brand items a try and make those swaps on their grocery list. Users are also more willing to take the extra minute to look up the price of an item to compare while in-store or while making their shopping list!”

“As a final remark, my hope and ultimate goal with the content I make is to break down the stigma that shopping for off-brand groceries and grocery budgeting still carries,” she concluded. “I aim to show that in this economy, one can still buy similar groceries that they are used to without missing out simply by implementing these methods and switching to off-brand when possible!”

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