express lane 15 items or fewer lane (l) young woman in H E B shirt (r)

‘Girl, you know you’re not supposed to be here’: H-E-B worker calls out customer for wanting to use the express lane while having more than 15 items

'It literally defeats the whole purpose [of the lane]!'

On Sep 22, 2022 by Melody Heald

man moves peach barcode to salmon to change price tiktok

‘Don’t give away my grocery shopping secrets’: Customer swaps peach and salmon price tags at Kroger, sparking debate


On Sep 22, 2022 by Braden Bjella

Kroger blue cheese in container on scale reading '2.4OZ' (l) Kroger building with sign and parking lot (c) Kroger blue cheese label on container reads '4 OZ (113g)' (r)

‘They’re literally scamming us’: Customer weighs grocery items from Kroger to prove they are getting less food

'It says it is 4 ounces, and I knew it felt way too light.'

On Sep 21, 2022 by Vladimir Supica

Publix deli worker speaking to customer caption 'The lady in front of me at Publix gave the girl a file of 30 subs to make' (l) Publix Food & Pharmacy building with sign (c) Publix deli worker speaking to customer caption 'The lady in front of me at Publix gave the girl a file of 30 subs to make' (r)

‘If you have to place your orders into an excel spread sheet, go to Subway’: Customer gives Publix employee ‘a file of 30 subs to make,’ sparking debate

'They should deny these orders and require 24 hour notice.'

On Sep 15, 2022 by Braden Bjella

publix employee reveals working conditions tiktok

‘They made me have a doctor’s note to have a water bottle with me’: Publix worker calls out grocery chain for terrible employee treatment

'Just a friendly reminder that major corporations do not give a sh*t about their employees.'

On Sep 7, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

man hand pressing numbers on touch screen (l) Kroger building and sign (c) man grabbing receipt (r)

‘We didn’t work so hard for two decades to just give up now’: TikToker uses family’s old landline number for Kroger rewards points

'To whoever now has the phone number from my family's landline in the mid-2000s...'

On Aug 20, 2022 by Melody Heald

Walmart employee speaking in car (l) Walmart Bakery section with sign (c) Walmart employee speaking in car (r)

‘Was my AirPod pissing you off from 15 feet away?’: Walmart worker calls out bakery manager who told her to remove her AirPods

''Managers' of other departments always coming across the store to cause a problem.'

On Aug 20, 2022 by Melody Heald

woman using tweezers to pick parasite from salmon (l) woman speaking in car hands up (c) salmon up close parasites (r)

‘So glad these little guys got to enjoy my dinner’: TikToker finds parasites in Whole Foods salmon—but experts say it’s common

'I'm gonna be vegetarian starting today.'

On Aug 20, 2022 by Braden Bjella

woman walking outside speaking caption 'Got accused of stealing from Ralph's in LA and La Brea & Fountain' 'WAIT FOR THE END' (l) woman in store speaking caption 'The woman who worked there 'NOT HER THE GUY WITH THE SANDWICH AND 2 SODA POPS' (c) woman speaking outside caption 'The security guard YANKED the bag OUT OF MY HANDS refused to look at the receipt I showed him 100 times' 'WAIT FOR THE END' (r)

‘Why do people even snitch about shoplifting like they make commission on it’: Woman wrongly accused of shoplifting sparks self-checkout and stealing discourse

'A good security worker checks the receipt and double checks the person they need to follow.'

On Aug 19, 2022 by Siobhan Ball

automated cart scanners (l) H-E-B plus! Fresh Foods storefront with caption 'Wha? How does this work?' (c) QR scanner with caption 'I purposely missed an item to show y'all the scale will pick it up' (r)

‘Going to HEB used to be a getaway. Now it’s work’: New self-checkout technology at HEB goes viral, sparking debate

'Self checkout machines already need overrides every five minutes.'

On Aug 10, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

woman in store (l) garlic powder in store priced at 9.95 (c) woman walking in store (r)

‘Matter of fact I’m going to Family Dollar’: TikToker finds Publix garlic powder priced at almost $10

'We in a recession, HOE!!'

On Aug 7, 2022 by Jack Alban

Homepage article image

‘We should’ve just gone to Chipotle lol’: Woman says she spent $36 at Publix just on ingredients to make her boyfriend a chicken sandwich, sparking debate

'Just buy a pub sub.'

On Aug 3, 2022 by Lauren Castro

H E B sign (l) H E B employee with caption 'it's the closing shift. We aren't going to have 10 lanes open. The lines are long, so don't yell at me.. now help me bag your $500 order please' (c) man with full grocery cart (r)

‘Now help me bag your $500 order, please’: HEB worker issues PSA to customers who come in right before close

'We aren't going to have 10 lanes open.'

On Aug 3, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

receipt with 'T BAG FEE 71 @ $0.10' (l) hand holding Trader Joe's reusable bag (c) Trader Joe's receipt (r)

‘U better go back, prices going up too much to be giving out $7’: Customer gets charged for 71 bags at Trader Joe’s

'Why is a singular bag $7? Do they really care about the environment that much?'

On Aug 2, 2022 by Braden Bjella

HEB employee grabbing multiple sugar bags in row at once (l) HEB employee holding up utility knife speaking (c) HEB worker pulling plastic off of unit of sugar bags (r)

‘Remember kings and queens, you don’t get paid to go fast’: HEB worker’s enthusiastic efficiency at grocery job sparks debate

'Is that why my sugar always got a hole in it?'

On Jul 29, 2022 by Melody Heald