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‘All fun and games until they find something in the wrong place and want a price match’: Walmart worker praises customers who scan items on app

'I LOVEEE when customers leave me alone.'


Melody Heald


Posted on May 23, 2023

Walmart workers on TikTok often vent their frustrations when it comes to bad customer behavior. More rarely do they take the time to laud good behavior. However, one Walmart worker, Ray (@.ray_mtz03), who boasts over 18,000 followers and regularly posts content related to his job at Walmart, took a moment to shout out customers who seem to make his life easier.

In his five-second clip, Ray stands in the snack aisle, running his fingers through his hair and mouthing: “I’m mind blown. I’ve never seen this in my fucking life.”

Ray notes in the text overlay that this is his reaction to customers who use the Walmart app. “When I see a customer who has the app and scans the items themselves,” the text overlay reads.

Ray continues with his praise in his caption, calling such shoppers “little rockstars.”

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The Daily Dot reached out to Ray via Instagram direct message. His video garnered over 39,000 views as of May 23, and viewers shared their experience with the Walmart app, which has a variety of features. The features Ray referred to in his video are likely the “store maps” and “scan, shop & save” features, which allow shoppers to find correct aisles and scan items to check prices.

Viewers had a variety of reasons for using the app, including not wanting to be social and not wanting to bother workers. “I do that cause I don’t wanna talk to no worker,” the top comment reads.

“Any time I need something, I always go to the app … im not bothering nobody,” another wrote.

The app’s features seem to be a win-win, however. Workers expressed how much they love it when customers leave them alone. “I luv that cus that means customers don’t gotta bug me,” a third revealed.

But one user pointed out how the app could cause more problems than it’s worth for workers. “All fun and games until they find something in the wrong place and want a price match,” they said.

This is because, according to Go Banking Rates, there are “hidden clearance items” on the app that shoppers won’t find in-store.

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*First Published: May 23, 2023, 3:37 pm CDT