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‘The whole section was full of Pride clothes and they have to go to the back’: Target worker claims management moved Pride section to back of store after customer complained

‘And they call us snowflakes.’


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After some conservatives boycotted Bud Light, many companies are trying to hedge their bets during annual Pride celebrations in June to avoid becoming the next target of the public’s ire. In fact, many Target locations are allegedly attempting to preempt any negative feedback by moving their Pride displays to the back of store.

According to reports, multiple Target stores in the south have been forced to move their Pride displays from the front of the store in order to avoid any backlash they may receive. This has come as a shock to many because the big box store is known for its supportive stance towards the LGBTQ+ community.

TikToker MaryJane (@siswiththatiktok) filmed a Target employee breaking down a Pride display while giving voice to the frustration so many feel.

Viewed over 55,500 times, the video begins with red and white text that reads, “POV: A guest complained about the Pride section so they had to move it.” Meanwhile, her camera focused on mannequins dressed for Pride in a half empty section.

@siswiththatiktok And Target gon fold EVERYTIME bc why? Money. “We’re all inclusive” they said. Stand strong in your beliefs then. 🙄 #fyp #fypシ #target #pridemonth #lgbtq ♬ original sound – MaryJane

“You know people get on my nerves. Why did somebody come in complaining about the first thing they see is a Pride section,” MaryJane said as she walked into the area to show her friend packing up the clothes to move to the back.

She continued, “Flames up management. Upper management folded like a pretzel.” Her camera focused on the Target worker moving Pride-themed clothes. “The whole section was full of Pride clothes and they have to go to the back of the store. Because guests didn’t want to see it. But look at my friend here having to move all that Pride stuff.”

MaryJane finished her video with a simple statement: “Offended. Shame on them people.”

Many users chimed in to voice their frustration about Target’s quick capitulation to the complaints about their Pride displays.

“I would go in and complain about it being in the back and dare them to explain why they moved it when somebody else complained but won’t move it back,” one user asserted.

“And they call us snowflakes,” a commenter joked.

“Performative activism/allies is all these companies are/do to profit from ppl,” another explained.

“You really think Target (any company) gives a damn about LGBTQ+? All it took was one person to say they don’t like looking at rainbow colored clothes,” a fourth user said.

Others chimed in to compare their local Target Pride displays and note whether they also had been moved to the back of the store.

“I think it’s mostly red states. My Target in TN moved it to the back too,” one commenter said.

“They moved our pride collection to the back of the store as well here in San Antonio,” another lamented.

“Naw my Target in California hasn’t been moved,” a third added.

“I was wondering why my Target moved that whole section from the front all the way to the back. A shame! Lufkin, TX Target,” a user said.

The Daily Dot reached out to MaryJane via TikTok comment and to Target via email.

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