returned article of clothing with caption 'okay first of all it has no tags' (l) printed return for clothing receipt with caption 'you guys wanna see how I receive this return?' (c) returned article of clothing with hair with caption 'please please don't do this' (r)

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‘No refund!!!!’: Shop owner catches customer returning clothes after wearing them

'No, no, no, no, do not do this to a small business.'


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Posted on Aug 15, 2023   Updated on Aug 15, 2023, 11:39 pm CDT

Chances are, if you buy an article of clothing online, wear it, and then return it, the store you’re returning it to will be able to tell that you wore it. That’s what one small business owner shared in a video documenting the state of an article of shapewear that a customer tried to return.

The creator behind the TikTok account for a brand specializing in shapewear, Shapetasy (@shapetasy), put up the video on July 27, attracting more than 1.7 million views since it first went up

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In the clip, the creator unpacks the item the customer was attempting to return. She shows viewers a receipt for a pair of Monse High Waist Shorts Shapewear in an XS/S size.

“First of all, it has no tags; that’s a big no-no,” she says, and then adds with alarm, “But look at this!”

She unfolds the shapewear to reveal a few strands of hair stuck to the pants—a definite indication that they’d been worn prior to being sent back.

“Please please, don’t do this,” she pleads on camera. “No, no, no, no, do not do this to a small business.”

She then realizes, with horror, that a stray fake eyelash had found its way into the packaging.

The creator also unpacks a new, straight-out-of-the-bag version of the same shapewear shorts, noting how clean it looks.

Commenters shared in her outrage.

“No refund!!!!” declared one, speaking for others who expressed the same sentiment less succinctly.

“That was clearly worn (maybe for an event),” said another, possibly using the fake eyelash in the packaging of the shapewear as a clue.

“Maybe to a zoo for a two week vacation,” quipped someone else.

One person shared, “When working at Saks, someone returned a bag with their ID in the bag.”

“At my job someone returned beach chairs and when the cashier opened the chairs a ton of sand came out,” revealed another.

Only a few people advocated for the shapewear customer like one commenter who asked, “What if she tried it and discovered she really didn’t like it.”

But most people were on the business owner’s side. “I truly am sorry for people being so inconsiderate,” wrote one user.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Aug 15, 2023, 11:38 pm CDT