worker speaking at desk with caption 'so at this point I'm going to assume that we've all heard the news about Kevin' (l) worker speaking at desk with caption 'Kevin is one of the dumbest people I've ever met' (c) worker speaking at desk with caption 'so Kevin was promoted to manager yesterday' (r)

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‘This tracks for every management promotion I’ve ever seen’: Server shares how usually the ‘dumbest’ workers get promoted

'They always make Kevin the manager.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Apr 29, 2023

A server’s comedy sketch about an incompetent staff member being promoted to a managerial position at the restaurant she works at is resonating with viewers on TikTok.

The video posted by Sydney (@poorandhungry) has drawn over 950,000 views as of Saturday. In it, she reenacts a real experience she says she had at work as a server, in which she pointed out that a recently promoted manager was incompetent.

“So at this point, we’ve all heard the news about Kevin,” she says in the video, imitating the manager of her restaurant.

“News about Kevin?” Sydney replies. “Did Kevin get fired? I am not kidding, Kevin is one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met. Remember the time that table asked for a side of ketchup and Kevin brought the entire two-gallon tub of ketchup to their table with a spoon?”

@poorandhungry This actually happened and the silence was deafening #server #restaurant #customerservice ♬ original sound – $yd

At that point in the sketch, it is revealed that “Kevin” has been promoted to manager, and is going to have his first day of training—even if he doesn’t know where to park after working there for six months.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sydney via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

The video resonated with viewers who had also seen incompetent employees receive promotions at their jobs.

“A chic who was a food runner at my club was promoted to THE GENERAL MANAGER,” one commenter wrote. “Like howwwww.”

“I complained to upper management about a coworker not doing her work, so they made her a manager,” another user said. “Tracks.”

“A girl that only worked 2-3 days a week & always complained about working got promoted at my old job, I was baffled,” one user echoed.

Others shared that they weren’t surprised by the restaurant’s decision to promote Kevin.

As one user wrote, “Idk why you’re surprised. This tracks for every management promotion I’ve ever seen.”

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*First Published: Apr 29, 2023, 3:10 pm CDT