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‘Get your venmos out babes’: Server shares how she lies to customers who try to split check

‘I had to split mine 14 ways today.’


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Servers aren’t fans of restaurant patrons who try to split checks, especially when it’s three or more ways.

That’s the subject of a server’s now-viral TikTok, in which she hints that she might be able to do more creative check dividing for customers than she lets on.

Specifically, she uses the line “The biggest lie I ever said” from Olivia Rodrigo’s “bad idea right?” in tandem with an on-screen caption reading, “Sorry the system doesn’t let us split a check more than two ways.”

The TikToker, Mandy Ciraco (@mandy.french), posted the short video on Sunday, and it has already garnered over 109,000 views and 9,000 likes.

@mandy.french get your venmos out babes 🫡#serverlife ♬ bad idea right? – Olivia Rodrigo

Ciraco provides a suggested course of action for customers in the video’s caption, writing: “get your venmos out babes.”

In the comments section, many servers weighed in on the issue.

“I had to split mine 14 ways today,” one shared.

“Absolutely not,” Ciraco responded. “I would’ve started crying.”

“I have a picture of my coworker when he split 28 ways,” another server shared.

That prompted Ciraco to reply, “I don’t even know that many people i’d be willing to eat with.”

Someone else remarked, “I used to be a server and know the pain but if this happened to me I would become a Karen that day,” adding, “Nobody ‘remembers’ to venmo.”

Another commenter had a bit of a counterpoint, saying, “Personally never had a problem with it,” before noting, “However, most of my [customers] are older and barely can read the menu so it’s easy for them!”

In another comment, Ciraco shared she’s fine with a check being split two or even three ways, but beyond that, it becomes taxing.

In February, the Daily Dot covered a TikTok that sparked a considerable debate over check splitting. The creator shared outrage over a large party that expected to split a check 18 different ways and suggested that the party transfer money to one person who would then pay the whole bill. But some essentially argued “the customer is always right” and thought the server should shoulder the burden of check splitting.

The Daily Dot contacted Mandy Ciraco via TikTok comment for further information.

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