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‘I might be doing something wrong because I make like $300 on a 12-hour shift’: Server made over $600 in an 11-hour shift

‘People were so kind and generous.’


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A server recently revealed they made more than $600 tips during an 11-hour shift.

TikTok creator Haven Tunin (@haven.tunin) filmed herself calculating her total tip for a busy 11-hour shift and walked away with over $600 dollars in tips. The video has garnered more than 98,000 views as of Tuesday.

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Haven begins the video by filming herself doing her server checkout.

“I’ll show you how much I made after I put all these in,” she explained.

Her charge tips totaled $609.76 after a total sale of $2,027.03.

“I don’t think I’ve ever claimed that much on any shift,” Haven exclaimed.

Then Haven goes to the bar tip out the bartenders and collect her total tips.

Smiling, she continued her video. The Daily Dot reached out to Haven via TikTok comments.

“I’m currently sitting at the bar, this is my stack of money,” she said. “It feels insane. People were so kind and generous,” she said, holding up a large wad of cash. Haven begins counting out her tips and laying it on the bar.

“I made $674,” Haven said with a wide grin. “That is insane for a 12-hour shift on a Sunday especially. My sales were $2,200. People were very generous today.”

Many commenters congratulated her for the great night.

“Wow. You have to be a phenomenal server that tip-to-sales ratio is insane. Kudos,” one user said.

Many servers in the comments marveled at the size of her tip out, and shared how much they usually make on doubles. Others reflected on their incomes at other professions.

“Me looking at this as a [Buffalo Wild Wings] server making $200 at most on a double,” a server commented.

“I did $2,300 in sales and walked with $311 tonight. We have the WORST customer base I stg,” another replied.

“So glad I left Olive Garden making maybe $200 on a double,” agreed a second user.

“F*cking no way bro I make [$100] on a good day rn I’m sobbing,” a third user said.

“That’s more than I make in 2 weeks at my retail job,” a commenter added.

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