Dunkin' customer speaking in car holding coffee (l) Dunkin' Donuts building with sign (c) Dunkin' customer speaking in car holding single munchkin in bag (r)

‘people used to do this all the time when i worked at dunkin it’s so smart’: Dunkin customer orders one Munchkin to get 64-cent iced coffee

‘I’ve been ordering the donut & giving the donut to my son.’

On Jun 2, 2023 by Jack Alban

Young Woman Smiling, Hand Holding phone with Instacart App Open

‘she had a note on her order saying she’s handicapped and when she asked I felt too bad saying no’: Instacart driver carries in elderly customer’s groceries. Then, she takes away the tip

‘She really was sweet.’

On Jun 2, 2023 by Eric Webb

waitress speaking in car (l) Waitress holding up empty tip jar (c) waitress speaking in car holding papers (r)

‘I’ve been talking to someone at the federal department of labor’: Server quits job because manager withholds tips. Then she gets a call from a blocked number

‘What restaurant do me and my partner need to stay away from ?’

On Jun 1, 2023 by Jack Alban

Woman holding McDonalds Bag

‘Shh, they dont know i know this’: McDonald’s customer has 9,000 points. So she puts her orders in one at a time

‘i hate how McD dose this like bruh I wanna use all 39K points I have.’

On May 31, 2023 by Jack Alban

Tipping Prompt at Subway Restaurant

‘The worst part is when the skip button doesn’t work’: Customer claims they were given tipping prompt at Subway

'When did subway start asking for tips…'

On May 31, 2023 by Brooke Sjoberg

Popeyes customer with caption 'Popeyes gave me seasoned grilled chicken and macaroni and cheese' (l) Popeyes restaurant with signs (c) Popeyes customer eating strawberry biscuit hack (r)

‘My life is changed’: Popeyes customer shares strawberry biscuit hack

"The cashier said, 'Do you want me to change your life?'"

On May 26, 2023 by Tiffanie Drayton

Homepage article image

‘When I worked there upper management kept the bills the rest of us got change’: Starbucks barista says she only got $10 in tips for the week

'I make a $1 tip everyday.'

On May 19, 2023 by Brooke Park

EWC former employee speaking with caption 'Count my tips with me as a waxwe at EWC' (l) European Wax Center sign hanging on building (c) former EWC employee speaking holding cash above pile of cash (r)

‘One year??! That’s not enough I might have to quit’: Worker counts a year’s worth of tips after getting fired from European Wax Center

'A whole year of saving fenna be gone in an hour for rent.'

On May 18, 2023 by Stacy Fernandez

Texas Roadhouse server shares the dos and don'ts of bringing own cake to restaurant

‘If you bring your own cake and don’t offer your server a piece….’: Texas Roadhouse server shares the do’s and don’ts of bringing own cake to restaurant

'I didn’t realize this is a thing people do.'

On May 17, 2023 by Phil West

worker speaking (l) worker speaking on phone while checking watch (c) worker speaking (r)

‘Why do I have to tell you?’: Retail worker shares why you shouldn’t give notice when calling out

'I learned this the hard way ...'

On May 12, 2023 by Brooke Sjoberg

Chick-Fil-A employee speaking with eggs in bowl (l) Chick-Fil-A sign on building with blue sky (c) Chick-Fil-A breakfast bowl hack with sauce being poured on top (r)

‘Idk why ppl hating it looks good’: Chick-fil-A worker shares ‘affordable’ breakfast hack

'That looks like puke.'

On May 11, 2023 by Eric Webb

person speaking outside with caption 'and they quote you at $650' (l) person replacing car mirror (c) person speaking outside with caption 'you say have a nice day sir' (r)

‘Mechanics are con artists’: Woman was quoted $650 to replace her car’s sideview mirror—she did it herself for $60

'Don’t let autoshops pull one over on you, srsly guys.'

On May 10, 2023 by Parks Kugle

server speaking in car with caption '*I work different hours every week and I was just looking at the total so I hadn't noticed' (l) hand putting cash in tip jar (c) server speaking in car with caption '*It's illegal for servers to have to share tips with cooks in the state of Connecticut (servers make $6.38 plus tips while cooks make salary)' (r)

‘We have to give out all cash tips to our manager’: Server quits after boss stopped paying out tips without notice

'I went to all the tables and told them they're stealing our tips.'

On May 10, 2023 by Jack Alban

'I should have hundreds of dollars but I don't'

‘I legitimately did NOT know I was supposed to leave a cash tip at buffets’: Golden Corral server complains about making $69 from over 50 tables

'I should have hundreds of dollars but I don't.'

On May 1, 2023 by Jack Alban

person outside speaking to stranger at sidewalk (l) person petting dog on leash outside (c) person on sidewalk outside holding phone with 'leave a tip' on screen (r)

‘Do you mind answering this question real quick?’: Pet owner mocks tipping culture by asking for tip when stranger pets dog

‘Tipping is out of control.’

On Apr 26, 2023 by Parks Kugle