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‘Something is wrong with this Pepsi’: Customer receives ‘rusty’ can of Pepsi. She still drank it

'It tastes like I'm chewing on nickels.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jul 12, 2023

Users on TikTok have been enraptured for the past week by the story of a user named Kayla.

According to Kayla (@realkayla_licious), she is an avid and committed Pepsi drinker. However, about a week ago, she opened up a can of Pepsi and was greeted by something strange.

“The bubbles won’t go away,” she says, showing a cluster of frothy bubbles at the top of a Pepsi can. She also claims that she drank from the can. The liquid she drank tasted like “somebody ground up and shredded another can of Pepsi.”

“It tastes like I’m chewing on nickels,” she explains. “It makes my mouth feel numb and tingly.”

Later, Kayla decided to pour out the can into a glass—only to discover even more peculiarities about her beverage.

Rather than Pepsi’s typical translucent brown, this can of Pepsi was an opaque amber, leading to shock and surprise from Kayla.

Kayla later cut open the can to discover something resembling rust had accumulated on the inside of the can.

@realkayla_licious PLZ THIS CANT BE OKAY☠️ @Pepsi fix this right now 😭 ive been so loyal. Ask anyone that kkows me #pepsi #whatsinmydrink ♬ original sound – Kayla

This is concerning for several reasons. First, soda cans typically do not corrode on the inside, as they have “an invisible epoxy shield” that prevents the soda from interacting with the can’s metal, per Wired.

Second, given that this is the case, it’s unclear what Kayla ingested. It could have been something from the can, or another element that made its way into the can during the manufacturing process.

Kayla posted several updates about her experience. In her initial updates, she showed that, after leaving the liquid out overnight, a substantial amount of sediment had gathered at the bottom of the can. 

However, she later revealed that Pepsi had gotten in contact with her to resolve the issue—and gave her some free merchandise and compensation in the process.

@realkayla_licious The end of the saga— unlesssss Natasha from @Pepsi ♬ original sound – Kayla

“Some of you might be thinking, ‘Oh my god, you drank metal, that’s crazy, that’s not enough,’” she says in the video. “I don’t care…I’m going to keep guzzling that. I’m gonna drink it up, and I’m not going to feel bad about it.”

“This works for me,” she continues. “Me and Pepsi, we’re besties.”

Despite Pepsi’s resolution to this issue, users expressed concern about what exactly went wrong with Kayla’s Pepsi can.

“Pepsi is NOT that colour omg,” wrote a user.

“Something disintegrated in that can,” stated another.

“A fellow Pepsi connoisseur here and that Pepsi is 100% not right,” shared a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kayla via Instagram direct message and Pepsi via email.

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*First Published: Jul 12, 2023, 12:14 pm CDT