McDonald's worker refuses to take customer's order and directs him to kiosk

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‘There are things only the kiosk can do’: McDonald’s worker refuses to take customer’s order and directs him to kiosk

'Most of the time its corporate policy to use the kiosk.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on May 10, 2024   Updated on May 10, 2024, 2:24 pm CDT

If you’ve visited a McDonald’s location in recent years, you’re probably familiar with the idea of ordering from a screen at a kiosk rather than through someone working at the store.

While some have speculated that this is a response to raises in the minimum wage throughout the country, this is unlikely to be the case, as McDonald’s began introducing these machines in 2015—a time when every state had a minimum wage under $10.

Although many claim to enjoy the experience of ordering from a kiosk, others have reported issues, both on the customer and employee sides. For example, some have cited problems with utilizing the kiosk, while workers have occasionally claimed that they’ve had customers who refuse to use the devices.

Concerning the latter, this action can often be fodder for internet content, as was observed in a recent viral video from TikTok user @n0tworriedbittch.

Why do workers prefer the kiosks?

The video, which is a clip from a longer YouTube video posted by user Jeffrey McKenney, shows an employee explaining to a customer why they will not take their order at the register, instead imploring them to simply order at the kiosk.

“That is way easier than trying to use this,” the worker says, comparing the kiosk to the chains’ POS system. “There are certain things that it can do that that can’t do, and that can do that this can’t. Unfortunately, there’s a disconnect.”

The worker goes on to explain that customers will frequently request items or modifications that can only be done on the kiosk. He further notes that the POS system can still assist if someone wants to pay in cash. While this results in a short and lightly heated discussion, the employee insists that the customer gets used to utilizing the kiosk.

“Unfortunately, this is going to be gone,” he says, referring to the POS system. “And when it’s gone, the kiosk is going to be the only thing that’s going to be there.”


Mam he didn’t put the machines there my god 💀😭😭

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In the comments section, many users sided with the employee and advocated for using the kiosk.

“Kiosk is better cause due to the fact there is no error on the customer order. Makes it clear and easy to understand to assure 100% accuracy,” a user wrote.

“Most of the time its corporate policy to use the kiosk,” added another. “Take it up with them not the employees.”

“I work at McDonald’s and they make us tell people to use kiosk,” echoed a third. “Idk why but it’s helpful when we are understaffed.”

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s via email, @n0tworriedbittch via TikTok comment, and McKenney via YouTube comment.

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*First Published: May 10, 2024, 10:00 am CDT