McDonald's worker complains about DoorDash.

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‘DoorDash get your sh*t together!’: McDonald’s worker calls out drivers who come in for the same customer order. What’s going on?

‘bro once 7 people came for the same order in 2 hours.’


Melody Heald


A McDonald’s worker has gone viral again after revealing what she does when a DoorDash driver tries to pick up an order someone else already did. It’s more common than you think—and it might mean you lose out on your food.

The 7-second clip featured TikTok user prettygirlslovefara. She revealed in a skit how she tells her manager that “someone has a DoorDash order with the same exact code as the person before them who already picked it up.”

Fara vented her frustrations with DoorDash in the caption, “@DoorDash get your sh*t together! cuz I’ma always check for them last 3 digits!”

The video has racked up over 763,000 views as of Monday. Many commenters attempted to explain why this happens.

@prettygirlslovefara @DoorDash get your shit together! cuz I’ma always check for them last 3 digits! #studsoftiktok #foryou #fyp #doordash #🏳️‍🌈 #lgbt #foryoupage #viral ♬ original sound – Juan Franqui

“no because they be picking up the order it’ll say they at the restaurant then they drop the order and steal the food it happened to me so many times,” one user wrote.

“Cuz I would pick it up and cancel the order so it seems like I never picked it up,” a former DoorDash driver admitted.

Multiple users who work at McDonald’s said they see it often.

“this!! one time we had like 4 different drivers come in for the same order when the first one had already grabbed it,” one person shared.

“doordash be tripping bro once 7 people came for the same order in 2 hours,” a second stated.

What should a DoorDasher do when they pick up an order to prevent confusion? According to DoorDash’s website, “To help reduce the likelihood of wrong order pick-ups, we have added a unique QR code on the order receipt, and Dashers will be prompted to scan it with their camera to confirm the pickup. If scanning the code fails, you will have to try again, OR dismiss the screen and switch to the alternative verification method “Manually enter order number” (go back to re-select)*.”

The website continues, “To reduce wait and confusion when you arrive at the store, we’ve reminded Merchants to print the DoorDash order ticket for every order and attach it to the customer’s bag so you can easily identify the customer name and QR Code/Order Number. *McDonald’s stores will require manually entering an order number instead of scanning a QR code.”

DoorDash is a constant target of viral videos on TikTok. Recently, one driver risked an asthma attack for a delivery and didn’t receive a tip for her trouble. Others have been the target of ridicule for the size of their tips. One driver recently quit after receiving a traffic ticket while out on a delivery.

The Daily Dot reached out to @prettygirlslovefara via TikTok comment and direct message for more information. We’ve also reached out to DoorDash to see if the company has any plans in the hopper for this apparent rogue driver loophole.

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