DoorDash customer greenscreen TikTok over chat with image of yogurt and message 'the tiramisu kind i wanted is the one with the purplish blue rim on the left in the 2nd pic' (l) DoorDash on phone screen in hands in front of wooden background (c) DoorDash customer speaking holding yogurt (r)

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‘Everyone is right who complains about male shoppers’: Woman says DoorDash shopper couldn’t find Dannon Tiramisu Greek Yogurt. But he sent her a photo with the ‘out-of-stock’ yogurt in it

‘It’s right there.’


Braden Bjella


Male delivery shoppers on apps like Instacart and DoorDash have been a topic of fierce discussion on TikTok. Many users say male shoppers are worse than others, citing an inability to find items that are right in front of them, bizarre substitutions, and cases in which they refuse to pick up period products as valid areas of criticism.

Now, another user’s male shopper story has gone viral. In a clip with over 165,000 views, TikTok user Kayla (@soupyandthebadcheese) shares her experience attempting to order a specific kind of Greek yogurt via DoorDash.

“I discovered everyone is right who complains about male shoppers for apps,” she says in the video.

@soupyandthebadcheese i am angy why are they like this ?? #doordash #maleshoppers ♬ original sound – Kayla

According to Kayla, she ordered several individual servings of yogurt, four of which were tiramisu flavored. The shopper told her that they were out of stock and sent a picture for her to choose a replacement. 

In the photo, one can clearly see many containers of the Dannon Tiramisu yogurt.

“I had to be like, ‘hey, the kind that you just said was completely out of stock is literally — it’s right there,’” she explains. “[It was] an entire stack. It’s got it on the tag and everything.”

When Kayla eventually did get her order, she was only given 2 of the requested yogurts.

“What the fuck is wrong with y’all?” she asks.

In the comments, users agreed with her assessment of male shoppers.

“Male shoppers are truly awful,” wrote one user. “if I get one I know I’m getting moldy produce.”

“They always give you wilted produce,” echoed another. “And god forbid you order a cabbage, you’re def getting iceberg lettuce.”

“This has happened to me SO often, they literally show it in the pic and say “‘yep sorry out of stock what do u want instead?’” detailed a third. “It makes me FERAL.”

“My male shopper got me red grapes instead of raspberries,” recalled an additional TikToker. “it wasn’t a replacement, he literally thought those were raspberries.”

While some criticized Kayla for mocking the worker, others came to her defense.

“‘To get it yourself’ he’s being paid to do this like the least he can do is read,” shared a commenter.

“They’re not a karen for wanting him to do his job lol,” offered a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash via email and Kayla via Instagram direct message.

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