server with caption 'pov: seeing somebody playing games when they still have a $156.79 tab they need to pay'


‘Why did i just catch a family trying to walk out’: Main Event worker calls out customers who walk away from tab to play games

‘Be having to chase them down.’


Melody Heald


A Main Event server went viral on TikTok after posting a video in which he calls out customers who leave their table to play games before paying their tab.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Caleb Leeper (@calebguap) who typically posts content about his job at Main Event. This time, he vented about when customers choose to walk away to play games instead of paying the tab.

In the six-second clip, the content creator looks down at his tablet and stomps his foot angrily. Then, he looks up, confused, and storms off. The text overlay reads, “pov: seeing somebody playing games when they still have a $156.79 tab to pay.”

Leeper captioned the video, “why did i just catch a family trying to walk out” accompanied by hashtags about server life.

Main Event is essentially a large arcade. According to their website, they are, “a haven for families to share in a variety of activities like laser tag, gravity ropes, arcade games, billiards, and more, all under one (very big) roof.” They offer a variety of activities, “from classic games to mind-blowing social VR innovations.”

Caleb’s video accumulated over 66,000 views as of June 1 and resonated with a number of viewers.

“No deadass,” one person wrote in agreement.

“Be having to chase them down,” a second echoed.

Although there were some who felt that the Main Event server should just let the customers go without paying.

“Mind ya business man,” wrote one person, seemingly asking Caleb not to snitch.

However, Leeper joins other fellow servers to express their thoughts about difficult customers and the issues servers face when it comes to paying the tab. One server allegedly had to pay a $60 bill when the customers walked out on their tab. Another server had a table of 23 refuse to pay because of her “horrible service.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Caleb via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment for more information.

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