customer in restaurant speaking with caption 'Horrible service! Server says she has to pay for our meal... Bar tender gave up and clocked out mid dinner!' (l) group dinner in restaurant speaking with caption 'Horrible service! Server says she has to pay for our meal... Bar tender gave up and clocked out mid dinner!' (c) customer in restaurant speaking with caption 'Horrible service! Server says she has to pay for our meal... Bar tender gave up and clocked out mid dinner!' (r)


‘I would never let a worker pay out of pocket’: Woman says her server had to pay for her food after it came out cold

‘I need the servers side.’


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TikToker Adele Brown (@adelelaresee) sparked a viral debate after she posted about her less-than-satisfactory experience during a visit to the Storming Crab restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In her clip, Adele claims that her party of around 23 guests booked a table well in advance but received “horrible service.” One of the party’s main complaints was they could not get more than a single round of drinks as the bartender decided to leave in the middle of their shift.

Adele also added that the server told them she was on the hook to pay for an item that her group decided to send back to the kitchen. Folks who saw Adele’s video speculated that her party must’ve given workers at the restaurant a hard time.

The TikToker says in the clip: “So we’re at the Storming Crab and this service is horrible we reserved a party weeks ago … about 23 people and we can’t get no good service.”

“They done messed up all the food; the bartender clocked out early and left; can’t get no more drinks,” Adele continues.

She then shows off the table where a large group can be seen seated and eating in the restaurant. Adele reiterates that despite their large party, they’re still unable to receive adequate service from the establishment.

The clip then quickly cuts to her claiming that the server told their group that she had to cover the cost of some items that the group returned to the kitchen.

“So she’s gonna have to take the money out of her check to pay for our food tonight,” Adele says. Someone else in the party chimes in, saying that “it’s only $20,” and Adele continues to explain that “because the food doesn’t taste good, she has to pay for it.”

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Adele’s post sparked a litany of different responses from TikTokers. A number of folks seemed to think that there was something “fishy” about Adele’s claims. One commenter remarked, “i think we all know what actually happened,” while someone else wrote, “They know you not going to tip.”

Multiple viewers pointed out that while members of Adele’s party were complaining about not getting any drinks, one of the diners was holding a drink in her hand.

“As she’s holding a drink ….” one user wrote.

“NO DRINKS while holding a drink.FYI at last call the bartender goes home,” a second said.

“What if the bartender was sick or had an emergency?” another questioned.

Some remarked they were shocked to hear that Adele and her group allowed the server to pay for the food they sent back: “it’s not the servers fault the food is cold. the cooks should be the ones paying for your meals,” one said.

Another TikTok user asked Adele directly, “how are u just okay with the server paying for food you ordered,” to which Adele responded: “Food that was returned immediately back to the kitchen upon arrival. You pay for stuff you didnt eat cause of error…. I won’t.”

Adele posted several follow-up clips responding to some commenters who assumed that she and her group were impolite to the waitstaff. She highlighted one remark in particular, stating that it is one of many comments rooted in “stereotypical” views of Black customers left by presumptuous viewers.

@adelelaresee Replying to @idontcarewhatyouthink35 #stormingcrab #mustwatch #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending #responsevideo #racialsterotypes #adelelaresee #wow #poc ♬ original sound – Adelelaresee

She said that her party “waited patiently” to get the “situation straightened out” and wasn’t being disrespectful to any restaurant staff members. She added that a manager eventually came to their table to address their issues and offer an apology.

Addressing commenters’ observation that some diners in her group had drinks, Adele said, “We had one round of drinks,” before adding that she and her group were at the venue for around three and a half hours. “The bartender was only there for about 45 minutes.”

Adele also said that she disagreed with the server having to pay for the items the group sent back and attempted to speak with a manager on her behalf.

“She just, you know, kinda shrugged us off and let us know she’ll just deal with it because the owner’s not gonna wanna pay for it,” she says.

The Daily Dot reached out to the Storming Crab via its website and Adele via TikTok comment for further information.

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