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‘Not bad considering im 17’: Teen Wingstop worker shares how much she makes bi-weekly in response to critics

'For 80 hours, no 401k, insurance or nothing. Not really a flex.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 6, 2023

A teen Wingstop worker expressed her joy after revealing how much money she makes every two weeks after taxes.

The video was from TikTok user @search.imari who responded to someone’s comment that read, “Eww, you work @ wingstop,” on a previous post. However, she wasn’t upset by the negative comment. In fact, she was proud.

@search.imari #greenscreen ♬ Wassup Gwayy – FamousSally & YB

The creator did a little dance as the sound bite “Wassup Gwayy” by FamousSally & YB played in the background. Why? Because of her whopping paycheck. Behind the content creator was a greenscreen of her pay that showed a “take home” amount of $1,167.46 on August 11.

The content creator added in the caption, “Not bad considering im 17.”

The video racked up over 334,000 views as of publication, and viewers praised the Wingstop worker.

“Yes ma’am I used to work at McDonald’s in 2016 and my first check was $700 with OT & I was in high school keep going girl !” one viewer wrote.

“That’s right! get your money my girl,” a second applauded.

But others weren’t as impressed.

“For 80 hours, no 401k, insurance or nothing. Not really a flex,” one person remarked.

“I make that in 2 days sometimes 1 day,” a second commented.

For clarity, the Wingstop employee added in the comments, “Y’all all in my business now lol I’m 17 biweekly pay and I worked 15.28 hours in overtime yall do the math.”

In a follow-up video, @search.imari emphasized, “It’s all about the city you live in, the state you live in, the country you live in, and the amount of taxes that get taken out and if you have dependents.” Since it’s only her, that was her take home after taxes.

@search.imari #stitch with @THAT GIRL🩰 ♬ original sound – 🫵🏽

According to Daily WorkHorse Wingstop workers earn around $11 an hour. “Almost every Wingstop location is franchisee-owned, and every owner is entrusted with the task of establishing a fair market value starting wage. The typical starting pay for Wingstop entry-level workers is $11 an hour unless you are in a state or city with a higher minimum wage. Also sometimes referred to as crew members, the average Wingstop hourly pay rate for this position is $11.17 an hour. This means you’ll make an average of $446 a week and a yearly salary of $23,233.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the TikToker via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment for more information.

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*First Published: Sep 6, 2023, 3:50 pm CDT