Customer finds something unusual in her DoorDash order

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‘DoorDash count your days’: Customer orders boba tea from DoorDash, can’t believe what was inside her drink

'How is that even logical to blame DoorDash use common sense.'


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Posted on Mar 17, 2024   Updated on Mar 17, 2024, 1:38 pm CDT

In an economy where every penny counts, the last thing you’d want to find in your food order is an unsolicited side dish—especially one with six legs and a fearsome reputation. But, this was the reality for one TikTok user, Angela Babicz (@angelababicz) who got more than they bargained for with their bubble tea from Oishi Sushi in Hackensack, New Jersey.

The video, humorously titled, “Giving away free roaches in this economy is crazy,” shows the customer’s raw and unfiltered reaction to finding a dead cockroach in their beverage. The absence of the anticipated tapioca pearls only added to the shock.

“I always order from here… There were no bubbles, but guess what I found? A dead roach! Oh my god!” Angela said, covering her mouth in disgust.

The video’s comment section echoed her sentiment and rallied to find a culprit. Several viewers questioned the logic of blaming DoorDash, the delivery service, for the mishap.

“How you blaming DoorDash though. It’s not like DoorDash made the drink?” the top comment asked.

While some took an empathetic approach, others brought up the idea of taking legal action.

“The way I would sueeee,” one commenter wrote, while the video’s creator chimed in with, “Calling my lawyer right now.”

@angelababicz Giving away free roaches in this economy is crazy Oishi Sushi on 75 Main Street South Hackensack New Jersey 07601 @Door Dash #roach #doordash ♬ original sound – Angela Babicz

One person wrote that she wasn’t exaggerating her reaction just for the camera: “The way you’re not even over exaggerating- I would be literally throwing up with tears down my face.”

Some users expressed how annoyed they were by the fact she was clearly gagging on camera, making it difficult to listen to her video and follow what was happening: “How about you stop and record when your not gagging.”

One viewer said she was wasting her time complaining on TikTok about the roach inside of her beverage, stating that she should notify the health department: “Lady. That’s a store/restaurant establishment problem. Call the health department not tell tik tok. Door dash is just the middle person. So dramatic.”

This incident brings to light serious concerns about the standards of food safety and the responsibilities of both restaurants and delivery services. It’s easy to point fingers, but the deeper issue is the confidence we place in the establishments we eat from—and the consequences when an unexpected lapse in quality breaks that confidence.

The creator summed it up with a simple, “It’s gonna be a long weekend,” echoing the feelings of anyone who’s ever experienced a similar delivery disaster.

This unsettling event is not just a one-off; it indicates broader problems in the food service sector. An article titled “50 Common Restaurant Food Safety Violations and Tips to Avoid Them” reveals that many food poisoning cases are connected to eateries due to recurring safety oversights. 

Additionally, the CDC stresses the significance of cultivating a robust food safety culture in restaurants,  pointing out that a lack of such a culture often contributes to foodborne illness outbreaks, underscoring the necessity for establishments to make food safety a cornerstone of their operations.

DoorDash, a key player in the food delivery industry, has specific food safety handling requirements to maintain high hygiene standards and customer satisfaction. These include using insulated hot bags to keep food at the correct temperature during delivery and instructions for properly securing items in transit. Moreover, the FDA has outlined best practices to address food safety vulnerabilities, particularly in the “last mile” of delivery, ensuring that the food arrives in the same safe and hygienic condition as when it left the restaurant.

Ultimately, while the blame for such incidents may be contested, the solution lies in a united front against food safety breaches. By adhering to rigorous safety protocols and fostering a culture of care, we can look forward to a future where food delivery continues to be a convenient and safe option for all.

The DailyDot has reached out to Oishi Sushi via its Google Reviews page and Babicz via email.

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*First Published: Mar 17, 2024, 2:00 pm CDT