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‘I was home alone’: Customer says DoorDash driver went into her house to drop off order

‘I used to deliver for DoorDash and WTF. Literally I would NEVER walk into someone’s house wtf?’


Natasha Dubash


A female customer reports that her DoorDash driver went inside her house to drop off her order, leaving the customer scared for her safety.

Carly (@theyluvcarly_) posted about the situation on TikTok, describing what purportedly happened with her DoorDash delivery. 

In the video, the visibly shaken customer says that she ordered DoorDash that day and adds that she is a frequent customer of the app. 

“I ordered a lighter because my lighter for my candles just ran out of juice today. This is the lighter I ordered; it’s from the dollar store,” she says, holding up a common gas lighter that one would use to light a gas range or a grill.

Carly says she chose a no-contact delivery and requested that her DoorDash driver leave the item on her porch. She adds that she didn’t leave “special instructions” on the order but used the option that DoorDash itself provides customers if they want their items left in a pre-selected location.

“Tell me why my DoorDasher goes into my house, walks down into my basement, and leaves my order in my basement,” she asks, adding that the situation was made scarier for her because, at that time, her roommate was out, and she was home alone. 

“This strange man walks into my house and leaves my f*cking lighter on the basement floor, and I’m going to show you where he left it because this wasn’t a case of like leaving it in the door because it was raining. This was a case of you have to walk 10 steps downstairs to get to where he left it,” she says.

Carly then shows viewers her front door and the steps leading down to the basement, where the DoorDash delivery driver placed her lighter in an area that is clearly far from where her instructions said to leave it.

Carly’s bad DoorDash experience isn’t the only one

This isn’t the first instance of a female customer being made uncomfortable by a male delivery driver’s actions. The Daily Dot has previously reported on another DoorDash customer who reported that her driver lingered outside her door for 20 minutes while she was alone at home, causing her to call the police. 

@theyluvcarly_ @DoorDash please explain because this is not okay (That is not pee on my floor, its a laundry detergent stain guys) #greenscreen #fyp #doordash #scary #help #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #advice ♬ original sound – Carly 🍉

Carly’s post received almost 5,000 views, and other TikTok users were equally horrified by the story. 

“I’ve never heard of any delivery person walking into a house without permission and usually it’s only the ones who delivery big items like a couch that enter after been given permission thats scary,” one person said. 

“I used to deliver for DoorDash and WTF. Literally I would NEVER walk into someone’s house wtf????” another wrote. 

Did Carly report the issue?

A number of viewers urged Carly to notify the police about the suspicious DoorDash driver, and in a follow-up post, she confirmed that she had done so. The TikToker also revealed that after she complained to DoorDash, the delivery platform sent her a $5 reimbursement as well as what she called a “bot-generated email” apologizing for her trouble.  

The Daily Dot reached out to Carly via TikTok direct message and to DoorDash via email for further updates. 

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