DoorDash customer opening door with caption 'me proudly going to go get my doordash face to face after i typed '$0.00' on the tip.' (l) DoorDash on phone on wooden surface (c) DoorDash customer standing outside with caption 'me proudly going to go get my doordash face to face after i typed '$0.00' on the tip.' (r)

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‘Food went from $12.36 to $47.88 just from the tip’: DoorDash customer says she ‘proudly faces’ driver after refusing to leave tip

‘I could barely afford the food. I cant afford a tip.’


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A DoorDash customer went viral on TikTok after sharing that she “proudly” doesn’t tip drivers. 

Midari Ikishima (@uzimedee) uploaded the nine-second video, where she recorded herself getting out of bed in a robe and bonnet. She then walked out of her room and stood at her home’s front door—presumably waiting for her food to arrive. 

“me proudly going to go get my doordash face to face after i typed ‘0.00’ on the tip,” she wrote in the text overlay.


with no shame . food went from $12.36 to $47.88 just from the tip🤨

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Ikishima doubled-down on her stance in the accompanying video caption. “With no shame,” she wrote. “Food went from $12.36 to $47.88 just from the tip.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ikishima via TikTok comment and to DoorDash by email. As of Tuesday morning, Ikishima’s video had over 568,900 views and it sparked a debate over whether customers should tip their delivery drivers. 

A handful of commenters said that they agreed with Ikishima’s stance.

“I could barely afford the food,” one wrote. “I cant afford a tip.”

“My brother a dasher and HE don’t even tip,” another comment read.

“No fr cause why am i obligated to tip you when you signed up for this,” a third person said.

Others, however, said that they would feel guilty not tipping their DoorDash drivers. They also pointed out some drivers rely on customer’s tips to make ends meet.

“i can never not tip someone for doing a service for ME it’s just feels wrong,” one viewer wrote.

“Nah I get scared they will do something to my food if I don’t tip,” another person said.

“door dash base pay is literally $2.25 then folks be depending on tips,” a sixth comment read.

Rising food costs have inspired many people to come up with creative solutions to ensure they’re able to feed themselves without breaking the bank. For some, that means heading over to budget retailers and eschewing food delivery services like DoorDash, where delivery and tip fees inflate the overall cost. But there are numerous social media posts from both DoorDash drivers and customers alike debating the ethics of not tipping

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