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‘Those are the customers that are gonna rate you one star for no reason’: Delivery driver says he doesn’t accept orders with a tip under $10

‘He rated me 1-star and did not provide me a reason, and he kept his tip.’


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An app delivery driver has gone viral with a video that illustrates why he no longer takes orders with a tip under $10.

TikToker EVdash (@ev_dash) does deliveries for InstaCart, Uber Eats, and DoorDash, and regularly posts content about working as a driver. One of his most recent videos details how a customer rated him 1-star and removed his tip for no discernible reason. The video has been viewed over 14,000 times as of Wednesday.

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EVdash begins the video with a text overlay that reads, “This InstaCart customer rated me 1 star”. Underneath the text is a screenshot that shows the 1-star rating has been removed.

“This InstaCart customer rated me 1-star this is exactly why I no longer take any order on InstaCart where the tip is less than $10 because those are the customers that are gonna rate you 1-star for no reason,” the delivery driver explains as the video cuts to him shopping for two liquors and a bottle of bitters at Total Wine & More. His video shows a pleasant shopping experience, with friendly staff and a quick checkout.

The video then cuts to EVdash delivering the items to the customer. Both parties are polite and the items are handed off without any discernable issue.

Evdash continues to narrate the video, explaining, “So this was a stacked order I did alongside an Uber Eats order picked up from Divine Mediterranean, which is right across the street from [the] Total Wine & More I shopped at. The Uber Eats order was $19 to go 4.2 miles and the delivery drop off was right across the street from where this guy lived. After shopping for this guy’s order at Total Wine & More I went and picked up the Uber Eats order.”

“I went and delivered the Uber Eats order first seeing as it had hot food,” Evdash says, “and this guy’s didn’t and didn’t have any cold items either. The delivery time was at 4:30. I ended up dropping it off at 3:55.”

“Now he rated me 1-star and did not provide me a reason, and he kept his tip which was strange,” the delivery driver concludes. “Luckily, customer support blocked this guy so I never have to shop for him again.”

Many users were quick to jump to Evdash’s defense, reassuring him that he did his job right.

“You provided excellent service and didn’t deserve that rating. I’m glad Customer Support blocked him,” a user said.

“Honestly they’ll probably do that to get a refund if it was an expensive order because I’ve had that happen with me 3 times with Shop Only orders,” another added.

“Bro! I just said this yesterday! These are the ppl who want a service for free, so they’re happy to throw you under the bus to be compensated!” someone else exclaimed.

Others disagreed with the driver’s delivery methods, pointing out that he stacked orders from multiple apps.

“Next time you’re stacking with just don’t hit delivery until after you dropped of the UE that way they can’t see where you’re at,” one advised.

“I think the bagging and if he following you on his app he expected you sooner…they don’t like to wait esp for boozeeeee let me tell [all] you!!!! lol” a user explained.

“You stacked it yourself though- which you’re not supposed to do…multi apping at the same time is a no-no. Turn off other apps once you accept one,” a third admonished.

“He rated you one star cuz what if he paid for priority that’s why his order didn’t get stacked with any other order, InstaCart doesn’t show shoppers,” a fourth suggested.

The Daily Dot reached out to InstaCart via email and EVdash via TikTok comment.

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