DoorDash scammer caught by GoPro camera


‘To be fair you didn’t meet him at the gate’: Viewers defend DoorDash customer after driver catches him lying about not receiving order

‘Maybe someone took it?’


Maya Wray


A DoorDash driver on TikTok claims to have caught a customer in a lie after delivering their order. However, some viewers think he’s in the wrong.

In the video, documented on user @ev_dash’s GoPro camera, he showed himself picking up an order from a Chick-fil-A in Brea, California, as part of a two-order delivery. He then drove to El Dorado High School to deliver the food, under the impression that he would hand it off to the customer near a black gate. 

“The next time you wanna try and get free food from DoorDash and report that your order never arrived, make sure the Dasher isn’t wearing a GoPro,” @ev_dash says in the clip.

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“I deliver there a lot,” @ev_dash revealed in the comments. “Most kids want it handed to them, but sometimes I’ll arrive before they’re at lunch.”

He says the DoorDash app’s chat function was temporarily down, so he could not reply to a message from the customer asking him just to leave the order at the gate instead of meeting him in person. When he arrived, he made sure to leave the order in the correct spot and snapped a photo for proof.

The customer apparently reported the Chick-fil-A order as not delivered, despite the photo proof. “Say goodbye to your DoorDash account,” @ev_dash says in the video, directed at the student who placed the order.

The clip has been viewed over 123,700 times since it was first posted yesterday. 

“I had a guy try that with me one time but it didn’t work too well considering it was an alcohol order and I had to scan his ID,” another DoorDash driver wrote in the comments.

“I can’t stand orders like this. Don’t click hand to me if you don’t want it handed to you,” another shared.

Some viewers offered the student the benefit of the doubt, however.

“There was another bag left there,” one commenter pointed out. “I wonder if that person also took the other food that was left.”

“It’s outside a school with another order there,” a second wrote. “Maybe he really didn’t get it.” 

Responding to this comment, @ev_dash reiterated that most kids meet him at the gate when he delivers to the school. “I’m just going to leave it at the office from now on if they can’t grab it,” he stated. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @ev_dash via Instagram direct message.

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