CVS candy aisle with items locked in clear containers with caption 'Yea I don't feel comfortable here...' (l) CVS store with sign (c) CVS candy aisle with items locked in clear containers with caption 'Yea I don't feel comfortable here...' (r)

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‘I’m dying just imagining how much time it took to do all that’: CVS shopper finds candy locked up in individual boxes

‘Nah that’s crazy.’


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A shopper looking for CVS candy was alarmed to find it locked up in individual boxes at a store—and apparently isn’t alone in that.

The video documenting candy trapped at CVS came from creator Feng yuxiang (@gm_peezy), putting it up Thursday and generating more than 601,000 views since it first went live.

The short clip shows boxes of candy locked in plastic boxes on display shelves. According to the TikToker, the store in question was located in Baltimore.

“Wait, they got the f*ckin’ candy locked?” the creator asked.

“Where am I?” he continues. “I don’t feel comfortable here.”

Commenters reacted to the scene, starting with those who sympathized with the workers.

“I’m dying just imagining how much time it took to do all that,” said one, commenting on locking all the CVS candy up in individual packages.

“That sh*t would take years,” another remarked. “I be quitting first day I had to do it cuz some candies come in boxes of 48 like where tf all that going.”

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Another remarked, “Imagine working there and getting freight and you have to individually box all the candy.”

Others had a visceral reaction to seeing the CVS candy like that.

“I would immediately leave omg.”

“I did a complete 180,” said the creator in response.

“Better get in the car & head home,” said another.

Someone else was a bit more dramatic, declaring, “Nah you gots to GO! Flee, escape, abscond while your valuable organs are still in your body.”

Another person shared an example of how extreme product locking can be: “i went to a walmart in north las vegas and they had the 98 cent shampoo locked.”

The creator responded, “What this is insane.”

Others still were flummoxed with what they perceived to be extraordinarily high prices for the CVS candy in question.

“4.19 A BAG????” one exclaimed.

Someone else reacted with, “for 4.19 they can keep it locked tf,” which elicited a laugh from the creator.

One creator theorized, “shop lifters = higher prices,” but someone else in the comments section countered with, “High prices = fewer to no sales.”

The move comes as shoppers complain online about locked items in stores becoming more prevalent. As the Dot reported last week:

Americans lean on Target as a catch-all stop for grocery and clothing runs alike. Everyone knows that “I need to make a Target run” means you’ll stop-by for a $21 watch that you won’t care gets damaged during soccer practice but leave with Tostitos salsa, Milk Bones, and new pants. But as of late, these shopping gestures have been on ice due to locked in-store items.

So is the era of the “Target run” officially over? That was the case made by Dr. Emily Long, whose viral TikTok posited that even essential items are behind glass cases. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to CVS via email.

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