Chipotle customer says ‘phone trick’ doesn’t work at every location after worker skimped on order

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‘Bro was teasing you’: Chipotle customer says ‘phone trick’ doesn’t work at every location after worker skimped on order

‘More lettuce than real food.’


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A Chipotle customer who recorded his order being made lamented the failure of the recently viral “phone trick” at his location, prompting backlash from viewers who called him “greedy” and demanded he stop complaining.

TikTok user Gary Knox (@gprep0ne) filmed himself asking for a single scoop of chicken as a protein choice for his bowl. As the server dumped a spoonful atop his rice and beans, Knox asked for “a little bit more chicken” and appeared to be stunned as a single piece was added.

“It’s regular chicken,” the server can be heard saying in the video, which has been viewed over 907,000 times since it was first posted on Saturday. He scooped another spoonful of chicken to demonstrate the serving size to Knox, who relented and moved on to ask for strained tomatoes and a little bit of lettuce. 

“I’m going to wait on him and see what he’s getting,” Knox replied when the server asked him if he wanted anything else. It is unclear from the video whether another person accompanied him or if he was referring to a stranger in line behind him.

What is the Chipotle “phone trick”?

Another TikToker recently speculated that Chipotle employees are now being instructed to increase portion sizes if a customer is filming them, a theory that many are now flocking to restaurants all over to test—with varying degrees of success. 

“But they weren’t stingy with that lettuce or the tomato,” one viewer sarcastically commented on Knox’s video. “Chipotle is a joke.” 

“We just need to quit Chipotle. We know what happens when we come together against greedy corporations,” @sammiepereira advised.

@gprep0ne Chipotle phone trick didn’t work. Asked for more chicken and they gave me 1 piece…. #chipotle #fyp #highwayrobbery #smallportion ♬ original sound – Gary Knox

Other viewers, however, refused to sympathize with Knox, arguing that since he did not choose to pay for double protein, he shouldn’t complain about the amount he was served. 

“What do you expect them to say when you ask for more? Yall are greedy and/or cheap,” @tabbycattv opined.

Addressing some of these comments, Knox wrote that he was “not new to Chipotle” and claimed he had been “short changed with tiny portions for years” before the experience in the video.

“I spent 32 dollars on 3 bowls and server is playing tricks with the spoon while the prices are sky high,” Knox added.  

The Daily Dot reached out to Knox via TikTok direct message and to Chipotle via email.

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