Customers tests ‘phone trick’ at Chipotle

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‘Y’all ain’t scamming me today’: Customers tests ‘phone trick’ at Chipotle. Then he sees the workers’ reactions

‘I love how they immediately knew.’


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Someone tested out an emergent Chipotle trend—filming yourself ordering, allegedly to get bigger portions—taking the concept to an extreme.

The alleged “phone rule,” covered by the Daily Dot on Friday, is explained by TikToker Miss G, who claimed, “Apparently, we have hated on Chipotle so much that managers are allegedly providing notices to their employees that if anyone is ordering with their phone out, potentially recording, to just load it up, go ham.”

Angel Jimenez (@jimenezzz._), a creator who specializes in humorous staged videos, declares, “So, there’s a trend going on with Chipotle and the portion sizes,” to start off a video put up on the platform. “Apparently, if you record them, they gave bigger portions, so we’re going to test that out.”

He then declares, “Y’all ain’t scamming me today,” implying that without cameras recording the Chipotle assembly line, he’d be getting less food than he deserved.

The TikTok video, which has received more than 1.1 million views so far, shows Jimenez approaching a Chiptole with a massive ring light, a camera on his forehead, and two smartphones on hand-held mounts. “Good evening,” he bellows, entering the Chipotle, where another member of his filming crew has set up to capture reactions.

After a woman working behind the counter lets Jimenez know that it’s the other worker’s first day, Jimenez laughs and proceeds to walk the Chipotle crew through his bowl order, getting substantial servings of white rice, black beans, and chicken.

The woman finishing off his order declares, “That’s how I make all my bowls,” though Jimenez is already in victory lap mode, proclaiming, “It worked!”

After getting water to go with his bowl and loading up on Chipotle napkins, he goes to his car and begins to savor the food. “As you can see, it works,” he says in closing. “So, if you don’t want to get scammed at Chipotle, bring a ring light and three cameras, and you should be good.”

@jimenezzz._ testing the chipotle hack with the chipotle contreversy #chipotle ♬ original sound – Angel Jimenez

Commenters had thoughts about this spin on the phone trick.

“I love how they immediately knew,” one said.

Another observed, “I’d cry if this happened on my first day.”

However, Jimenez jumped into the comments to note, “Now bro has a story to tell from his first day in years from now.”

Another viewer reminisced, “That’s how bowls used to look like.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to both Jimenez and Chipotle via email.

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