Woman explains how her Boss asks her to go on weird side quest

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‘I got a little call from my boss’: Worker says she was sent on ‘side quest’ to deliver Caesar salad dressing to manager’s house

‘now I’m going over to his f*cking house.’


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When it comes to weird workplace demands, TikToker @rydog.47 may just take the cake—or, in this case, the salad dressing.

On July 31, Ryan posted a now-viral TikTok video about a bizarre after-hours task assigned by her boss that’s gaining traction with 41,700 viewers and counting.


weirdest ending to my day 😭

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In the video, she tells the story from her car: “So it’s about 10 o’clock right now, we closed like 5 minutes ago… I got a little call from my boss.” Ryan recounts, setting the stage for the unusual request that was to follow.

The boss, after digging into a Caesar salad at home, realized he was out of dressing. Instead of going without or making a quick trip to a nearby store, he opted to call Ryan.

“I’m just cracking open this Caesar salad and I just realized I don’t got no Caesar salad dressing, but I know that we have some in the fridge there, so can you grab some and bring it to my house?” she recounted, repeating her boss’ words to the audience.

In response to this peculiar demand, the TikToker claims she initially pushed back, expressing her reluctance to make a house call. However, the boss didn’t relent and asked for Ryan’s home address. When provided, the boss revealed that he lived just a block away from them.

Despite Ryan’s initial objections, the proximity of the boss’ house made this unusual request somewhat harder to refuse. With an air of disbelief and a huge bottle of Caesar’s dressing in her hand, she concluded the video by saying, “now I’m going over to his f*cking house to give him this big ass thing of Caesar salad dressing.”

In the comments, fellow TikTokers were quick to share their own odd work “side quests.”

One user wrote, “I worked at a daycare and I had to go to a farm and buy a bale of hay during my shift.”

Another shared, “I had to drive my boss to the mall in the middle of the shift.”

Even pet care made an appearance, with one commenter writing, “I watched my boss’ geese while he went on vacation.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @rydog.47 via TikTok comment.

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