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36 of the best gifts you can buy for each zodiac sign

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Posted on Oct 9, 2018   Updated on Sep 27, 2021, 11:54 pm CDT

Just like everything else, the best Christmas gifts are written in the stars.

OK, not literally, like you won’t see “buy Elena this cool thing” blinking in lights between constellations. But if you take a peek at Elena’s birth chart, you’ll have the best insider info any gift giver could hope for. And if you need help interpreting a birth chart, we’ll break down some of the key planets and what they mean below. But by no means is this a complete list–astrology is much more complicated than sun and moon signs. You also have to consider what planets your houses are in, planet aspects, what planets are in stellium (if any), planet positions, etc. And as one could guess, that’s enough data to fill a series of encyclopedias.

So instead of doing that, we’ll help you interpret what matters in terms of gift giving–the sun and moon signs. These two planets can influence a person differently for a number of reasons, so if you strive to be the best gift giver you’ll want to reference both signs. Who knows, you may just learn something about your friend along the way!

And for those of you new to astrology, your moon sign speaks a lot of your story (more-so than your sun sign, if you ask me). Think of it as the memory book to your past–it describes how you react, how you’re most comfortable, and what makes you vulnerable. While your sun sign acts as a broader foundation to how you go about life, your “basic nature” and your most consistent traits. Don’t know your sun or moon sign? Click here to build your AstroClick Portrait.

*Other practitioners may tell you to also check the Venus sign, which isn’t the worst idea (since Venus is the planet of love) but for simplicity’s sake, it’s completely unnecessary. 

Best Christmas gifts for every zodiac sign


Ruled by Mars, Aries is known for being fiery, active, and aggressive. That’s why Aries-influenced people tend to be determined, go-getters. But just because they’re ready to take action doesn’t mean they’re completely serious (we are talking about a fire sign here). These people love to have fun.

1) Board games

best Christmas gifts

Picking out the best Christmas gifts for Aries is a near no-brainer: a board game (or two). It’ll satisfy their competitive nature while bringing them back to child-like play, which is exactly what this stressed out sign needs.

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Price: Varies

Buy it here

2) A new planner

Since they’re born competitors, you already know they have an agenda. But what’s on it? Help them keep track with a planner that’s just as sassy as they are.

Price: $16

Buy it here

3) A Ruth Bader Ginsburg mug

As natural-born leaders, Aries people will fight for what they believe is right (we need more people like this, truthfully). Show your appreciation for their unrivaled defiance with a mug of one of the world’s most inspiring women to date–RBG!

Price: $14

Buy it here


best christmas gifts

Those with strong Taurus influences are the definition of “creature of comfort.” Don’t mix up comfortable with simplistic, though. Taurian people are not OK with settling (since that can lead to distress), and they’re actually rather materialistic. And can you blame them? Didn’t think so. But if we’re being honest, all of these traits make Taurus folk some of the easiest people to shop for.

1) A pajama warmer

Who else would flip out over a satin pajama warmer? Only a Taurus–probably because they already own a few heated blankets and pairs of mittens.

Price: $45

Buy it here

2) A Sous vide

This is the laziest way to stir up some seriously delicious meals, making it a Taurus’ real life dream! If these people love anything more than comfort, it’s food.

Price: $79.99 (regularly $98)

Buy it here

3) An iPad pillow stand

Whether they’re attempting to get some work done or just trying to relax, this iPad pillow stand will make it a whole lot easier to accomplish goals. It supports nearly every working position and even features space for the optional keyboard.

Price: $21

Buy it here


Ah, yes, Gemini, the social butterfly of the Zodiac. Whether you’re a Gemini sun or moon, you undoubtedly enjoy a night out with your friends–it doesn’t even matter what you do as long as you’re all together. Ultimately, it’s all about the memories you make and stories you can share later–good or bad, but preferably funny!

1) A set of photo coasters

If you’re really looking to impress your favorite host, a set of photo coasters will do the job nicely. They allow the recipient to show off their friends, family, favorite memories, and artistic ability while protecting their carefully-curated home aesthetic.

Price: $14 

Buy it here

2) A t-shirt that says it like it is

Geminis are super talkative, which isn’t the worst trait you could have. But when it comes time to take turns talking, they’re not so good at that. Remind them to practice with a shirt that apologizes before they ever get the chance too.

Price: $20-$22

Buy it here

3) A remedy for the bad (but fun) decisions they continue to make

Geminis love to make people laugh–even at their own (and especially others’) expense. Gift them this to restore their self-confidence for when jokes backfire.

Price: $18

Buy it here


Loyalty, stability, and dedication are three predominantly Cancer traits–it’s why they’re known for being great partners and friends! Cancers will support you in everything you do without second guessing it, so when it comes to showcasing your gratitude the more personal the gift, the more a Cancer will appreciate it.

1) A Homesick candle

Whether they live just a few streets or hours away from wherever they call home, a Homesick candle will call for tears of joy. Why? Because as soon as it’s lit and the air fills with familiar scents, all their favorite memories will come flooding back to them in real time. Which is just about as sentimental as a gift can get!

Price: $26

Buy it here

2) Adult coloring books

Although this may seem like a frivolous gift, adult coloring books encourage tranquility and a sense of lightheartedness. And if you know a Cancer, you know that they could use a bit of both! Not everything has to be so serious all the time, jeez.

Price: Varies

Buy it here

3) A weighted blanket

best christmas gifts

Everyone could use a hug now and again, but it seems as though there’s never a hug to be found when you really need one! End that problem right here and now with the helping hand of a weighted blanket.

Price: $40+

Buy it here


Leos are known for being confident, loud, life-of-the-party-types with champagne taste. And even though they may rub you as outgoing and self-reliant, Leos need to be reassured that you care about them! It’s absurd, I know. How can someone so fearless care so much about what other people think?! Truthfully, I have no answer and neither does my Leo moon. So if you want to tell a Leo how much you care, it’s just better if you show them instead–like by buying them a really cool Christmas gift or something.

1) Vitamin face masks

Help the Leo in your life put their best foot (erm, face??) forward by encouraging some self-care. There’s nothing more a Leo wants than to radiate with positivity, so why not give ’em a little bit of a boost with a brightening face mask? Because when a Leo looks their best, they feel their best and can recycle that golden energy back into the universe.

Price: $17

Buy it here

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2) A neon sign

best christmas gifts

They’re entertaining, over-the-top, and flashy, just like your local Leo–that’s right, I’m talking about neon signs! These bad boys add a bit of flirty ambiance to the room and work as the perfect backdrop for future Instagram posts.

Price: Varies

Buy it here

3) LifePrint

best christmas gifts

Leos love to be entertained almost as much as they love to show off. LifePrint satisfies both of those qualities by embedding your original videos into your photographs. It’s as close to printing a video as we can get, which will not only impress Leo but everyone they show it to (which is really all that matters, apparently). *rolls eyes*

Want to know how the smartphone printer works? Click here for our full review.

Price: $77+ (regularly $130+)

Buy it here


Virgos are notoriously the hardest people to shop for. Why? Because we play judge, jury, and executioner with pretty much every aspect of life. Yes, I said “we,” and yes I did just drag my own people. Why? Because I’m a Virgo, duh. Needless to say, we’re not mean-spirited people, we don’t judge you to hurt you. We judge you because we care and we want you to be the best version of you possible! Also, it’s way easier to focus on someone else’s flaws than it is for us to deal with our own, so if it’s any consolation, we’re nowhere near perfect either. Feel free to lovingly remind us of that this holiday season.

1) The Songbird reading lamp and Bluetooth speaker

It’s cliché to say that gifts that help organize are a Virgo crowd pleaser, so I’m going to be cliché.  This reading lamp is everything your Virgo’s home office could possibly need–an adjustable reading lamp with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and get this: NO WIRES! So we can do with it as we please and live it up in our clutter-free oasis.

Price: $20

Buy it here

2) The OBSESSIVE CHEF cutting board

best christmas gifts

Indulge your beloved Virgo’s perfectionist side with this painstakingly accurate cutting board. It’ll transform your dining experience into something out of a 5-star restaurant, so don’t forget to send your compliments to the chef!

Price: $24 (regularly $26) 

Buy it here

3) A fun and flirty sex toy

Virgos may be known as “the virgin” but don’t let that fool you–we play dirty. We also need to calm the fuck down 99.9% of the time, and guess what gift entertains both of those philosophies? A one-way ticket to O-town, duh! Bonus if the toy doubles as jewelry (like the Vesper necklace featured above).

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Price: $69+

Buy it here


Libras are cool, creative, and stylish, so it’s only fair that you’d want to gift them reflections of that. And if you’re lucky enough to know a Libra, you know that these people will like pretty much anything you give them–especially if you’re excited to give it to them. But if you still doubt your ability to satisfy the notorious people pleaser, we’ve got a few suggestions.

1) An EcoSphere

Libras are all about balance, but they also have a knack for finding the beauty in pretty much everything. And what’s more beautiful and perfectly balanced than life itself? Nothing (just ask Thanos). An EcoSphere gifts the literal beauty of life, just on a much smaller scale. It’s a closed aquatic ecosystem filled with shrimp and algae, so it’s completely self-sufficient, too.

Price: $55 (regularly $60)

Buy it here

2) A custom wax seal stamp kit

Libras are all about aesthetics. So if they have to send a letter, they may as well do it with some flair–like with a custom wax seal.  And if you’ve never had the privilege of pouring and a wax seal, it’s pleasing in and of itself. Just don’t forget the notecards!

Price: $32.50

Buy it here

3) A pair of quality headphones

Music is really important to Libras, which is no surprise since music is known for bringing people together and inspiring a sense of community. Allow your Libra love to thrive in whatever environment they find themselves in with a pair of top-notch wireless headphones. Like the Sennheiser HD 4.40 around-ear Bluetooth headphones featured above–they feature ear-touch controls and a long-lasting battery that can play up to 25 hours of tunes.

Price: $93 (regularly $100)

Buy it here

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Scorpios are constantly berated and for what reason? I don’t know. You’re ardent, intuitive, ambitious, the list goes on!! The rest of the zodiac wishes they had an ounce of as much passion as their Scorpio-influenced friends and family. So you may as well give them a gift even you’d be jealous of, it’s only right.

1) A set of silk or satin pajamas

While other people may be okay going to bed in old and stained sweats, Scorpio-influenced people are not. And it doesn’t matter if they’re sleeping with someone or not, they wanna look hot for themselves (and maybe their camera?).

Price: Varies

Buy it here

2) A field notebook

Encourage one of your Scorpio’s many passions with a field notebook! Unlike pocket notebooks, field notebooks are usually bound with leather (making them more durable) and feature pockets for things they may find on their way.

Price: $18 (regularly $27)

Buy it here

3) The Carhartt Legacy tote

best christmas gifts

This water-resistant, tough tote is perfect for weekends away–both planned and spur-of-the-moment. The bag features two interior pockets, a large main compartment, and two sturdy shoulder straps.

Price: $30

Buy it here


As the extroverts of the zodiac, Sagittarius-influenced people are frequent flyers. They’re eager, full of motivation, hilarious and can even be a bit philosophical. But none of these traits are helpful when it comes to finding them the best Christmas gift. That is unless you can afford a jet-setting adventure (wink). Just kidding!

1) A Matador Pocket Blanket

Give them someplace to comfortably rest, no matter the adventure, with a Matador Pocket Blanket. These lil trinkets are ultra lightweight, water resistant, tear and puncture resistant, and even fold up into themselves so you can hook ’em onto your keys or store in a pocket.

Price: $29

Buy it here

2) One of the many coloring books from the Farting Animals series

best christmas gifts

No one has a sense of humor quite like a Sagittarius. Don’t @ me, because I’m right. So if you want a shot at making the token funny friend laugh, farting animals pose a very good chance.

Price: $5+

Buy it here

3) A new pair of sneakers

Sagittarians are incredibly active, actually, they seem to never stop moving. People who are heavily influenced by this planet won’t sit still because they’re almost always up to something. Show ’em how much you envy their energy with a pair of super comfy sneaks to keep ’em supported while they do … whatever.

Price: Varies

Buy it here

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Oh, Capricorn, if the zodiac was a relay, you’d be the last runner. Why? Because you’re incredibly disciplined and ambitious. However, you’re hella pessimistic and that shit just doesn’t fly, particularly around the holiday season. So we’ve lined up some suitable gifts to cheer you up, even if it’s only momentarily!

1) Yoga cards

Maybe it’s all the hard work or maybe it’s just their metaphysical structure, either way, Capricorns are always stressed out. Always. Help them relax and unwind with some yoga pose–just don’t forget the mat!

Price: $28

Buy it here

2) A plush bathrobe

best christmas gifts

Practicality is a priority for Caps. So if you want to gift them something they’ll love, get them something that they will actually use–like a plush bathrobe! Even better if you get ’em a pair of heated slippers to match.

Price: Varies

Buy it here

3) Passive aggressive notes

best christmas gifts

Capricorns are not afraid of passive aggressive confrontation at all. In fact, they should give us all lessons on how to have a stronger backbone. Show your appreciation for just how often they speak their mind with notes that do it for them (ya know, in case they’re short on time and can’t risk being late for work just so they can ream you for leaving the almond milk out. Again.).

Price: $4

Buy it here


When it comes to gifting, Aquarians like things from off the beaten path. Maybe it’s their naturally curious, inventive, and imaginative nature, maybe it’s not. It’s not like they’d offer us a reason, because that would be totally uncool in their eyes, anyway. In the end, it doesn’t really matter because we cracked your code, Aqua. We got the gifts to make you tick (in a good way).

1) A face planter
best christmas gifts

Did this planter make you say “dear god, why?!” If so, then just know you matched the Aquarian rating scale. If it doesn’t make someone go WTF, it doesn’t register to Aquarians.

Price: $55

Buy it here

2) A glass prism

best christmas gifts

Whether they’re an artist, photographer, master physicist, or are a fan of optical illusions, a glass prism is the gift for them. It refracts light to make some stunning visuals, but it works even better as a photo accessory because you can shoot through it for distortion (AKA prisming technique) or use it to refract light into your photos.

Price: $15

Buy it here

3) An eco-friendly 3D printed moon lamp

best christmas gifts

Aquarians are conscientious creatures. It’s one of their most noble traits, which is why it’s no wonder they’re repped by the water bearer–they’re busy caring for us all like plants! Show them just how much you appreciate the fruits of their labor with an eco-friendly, adjustable moon lamp!

Price: $17+

Buy it here


Ahh, finally, the sign that completes the cycle–Pisces. People influenced by Piscean energy are creative, highly empathetic, and contain the world’s portion of selflessness. Y’all are the chaotic good that the world so desperately needs and we can’t think of just one way to say “thanks,” so we came up with three!

1) A copy of the Introvert Activity Book

Anyone gifted this book will be happy in their room forever because it’s chock-full of puzzles, brain games, and all the other single-person amusements you could think of. Perfect for the Pisces that needs to clock out of their everyday stress.

Price: $10 (regularly $17)

Buy it here

2) A set of quality teas

Piscean people are full of emotion–don’t worry it’s a good thing, feelings are what makes us human! But sometimes emotions can run high and things get messy. Luckily you can nip that emotional breakdown in its tracks with a cup of some calming tea!

Price: Varies

Buy it here

3) Bigshot DIY Digital Camera

Being one of the most artistic signs, Pisces loves a good outlet creative outlet. Surprise them with something extremely unique this holiday season, like the digital camera you have to build–the Bigshot. And once it’s assembled, you can experiment with framing, lighting, and motion.

Price: $100

Buy it here


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