Amazon’s Indie Beauty Shop is a secret gold mine for makeup gurus

Sifting through hundreds of indie makeup brands to find your new go-to lip butter or sheet mask doesn’t sound like much fun. But having Amazon do it for you? Now that’s something anyone can get on board with (and now you can)!

Over the summer, Amazon secretly launched the Indie Beauty Shop, a subsection dedicated to skincare, organic makeup, and other natural skincare products from indie beauty brands. There’s a chance you’ll come across a name you know (like NO B.S.), but you’re more likely to be introduced to something great before it has the chance to go viral.

Worried about a lack of cruelty-free makeup? Don’t be. The Indie Beauty Shop not only satisfies that requirement but also offers a huge selection of vegan makeup options, too. And as an Amazon Prime member, you’ll have your order shipped to you in just two days (which is way better than getting lost in the hectic fluorescent abyss that is Sephora).

We’ve compiled a list of recommendations for the best indie makeup brands on Amazon so you don’t stir up a stress pimple over skincare.

The best indie makeup brands on Amazon


indie makeup brands Amazon

Founded and run by women, UNDONE BEAUTY is one of the must-know indie makeup brands. It strives to undo everything you know (or think you know) about quality makeup. For example, it has to be expensive, loaded with harsh chemicals, and not user-friendly. UNDONE BEAUTY hosts lines of luxurious eyeshadows, lip colors, bronzers, blushes, and powders. Best of all, the line is cruelty-free and prices start at only $5.

Our faves: 3-in-1 Lip + Cheek Creme

Price: $5-$34

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2) C’est Moi

indie makeup brands Amazon

Aimed at the younger generation, C’est Moi cosmetics is an indie beauty brand that creates products that are gentle on the skin. The founders of C’est Moi believe if girls want to wear makeup, they should be able to without worrying about clogging their pores or irritating their skin. Which is why the company developed all sorts of personal care products, from acne treatments to lip crayons.

Our faves: Gentle Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Price: $8-$25

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3) Superface

indie makeup brands Amazon

Created by two directors, Superface is one of the indie beauty brands that aims to bring Hollywood-quality makeup to the average human. The products are designed to work with your skin, enhancing the colors that are already there (rather than caking more on). The Superface line features everyday staples with a modern, Korean beauty-inspired twist–like SPF 50+ PA+++ foundation.

Our faves: Superface Zoom Mesh Cushion Foundation 

Price: $14.99-$33.99

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4) Chella

indie makeup brands Amazon

I actually had a tube of Chella skincare’s eyebrow cream sent to me in my monthly makeup subscription without knowing how good it was, let alone its super heartwarming backstory. Chella’s founder, Chris Kolodziejski (some of you make recognize his name from football) started the line “in support of all beauty.” And as odd as a former pro athlete turned skincare/natural makeup activist may sound, if you ask us, it only makes sense. How else do you expect to get smudge-free brows while you dash towards the goal?! But that’s not all you can expect from this indie makeup brand: the line also features highlighters, eyebrow brushes, eyelash curlers, and lipsticks.

Our faves: Eyebrow Highlighter

Price: $9.99-$25.99

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5) 100% Pure

indie makeup brands Amazon

When it comes to natural cosmetics, 100% Pure leads the way with a huge line of skincare and beauty products. We’re talking lip & cheek tints, BB creams, vitamin treatments, eye masks, lipsticks, anti-aging serums, and pretty much anything else you could want. All of which don’t contain any parabens, fillers, or synthetic fragrances – making this a top pick for people with sensitive skin!

Our faves: Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Water Foundation, Anti-Acne Sheet Mask

Price: $16-$57

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best indie makeup Amazon

South Korean self-taught makeup artist Pony started a line of long-lasting and vibrant makeup products equally as sensational as herself. The collection features everything from bold lipsticks and metallic palettes, to softer colors, nudes, brow creams, eyelashes, and foundations. This indie beauty brand is perfect for fans of the Korean makeup seen in K-dramas!

Our faves: Metallic Matte Lip Color in Rose Gold

Price: $12-$44.88

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7) Maple Holistics

best indie makeup Amazon

Maple Holistics is dedicated to incorporating holistic beauty into your everyday wellness ritual. Which is why the company only uses simple, naturally sourced ingredients in its products. Additionally, all of the hair and body care, as well as the essential oils, are paraben and cruelty-free–so you can feel good about feeling good!

Our faves: Sage Shampoo for Dry Scalp


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indie makeup brands Amazon

As the name suggests, ATOMIC MAKEUP delivers bright, bold, cosmetics. But that’s not all. The indie makeup brand is also extremely affordable, with its entire line priced under $15. Plus, it’s vegan – even the glitter jelly!!

Our faves: Pink Body Glitter

Price: $6.99-$13

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9) Sahi Cosmetics


Focused on catering to undertones, Sahi creates products that compliment people with tan, olive, medium, and dark skin tones. The brand features a wide variety of products including waterproof lipsticks, finishing powder, contour palettes, primers, foil eyeshadows more pigmented than any MAC shade that I’ve ever tried, and more. Additionally, every product featured in the Sahi Cosmetics collection is cruelty-free.

Our faves: The Diamond Treatment Lip Balm

Price: $16.50-$110

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