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The best furniture deals to transform your home instantly

You’ll never want to leave your home again.


Beck Diaz

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Furnishing your home takes time and money, two things it seems like most of us never have enough of. If you’ve been living in a home packed with thrown together furniture that’s been picked out of necessity more than pleasing aesthetics, let us find you the best furniture deals to help you change that. 

Now’s the time to snag that gorgeous and impractical white couch you’ve had your eye on for months because guess what? We’ve found it on sale. 

Read ahead to discover all of our favorite furniture deals and reap the rewards of your long-awaited home furniture remodel.  

Best Furniture Deals for a Completely New Home Vibe

1) Best Furniture Sofa Deal: Flesser U-Shaped Living Room Sectional

In Body Image

Snuggle up to our best furniture deals with this beautiful statement sectional. Finished in stunning dark grey linen with sturdy wood accents, this couch comes with an extra-wide chaise lounge attached. Invest in this sectional and watch as it transforms your home, comfortably fitting six people in style.

Price: $1,928.42 $1,793.90

2) Best Modern Take On the Classic Leather Armchair: Cafe Sleeper Chair

Brown leather armchair

Beware: once you introduce this leather armchair into your home environment, you might not want to sit anywhere else. This unique handmade chair will become the new designated spot for getting cozy with a cup of tea or chatting with company.

Price: $400.00

3) Best Glass Coffee Table with Gold Accents: Tait Gold Coffee Table

Gold Coffee Table

This glass coffee table is a great way to elevate your home’s interior without splurging on multiple new pieces. Thanks to its thin frame and glass top, it’s perfect for opening up smaller spaces. Its beautiful antique gold finish gives off an expensive feel and brings character into any living room. 

Price: $531.00 $219.39

4) Best Bed Frame Setup to Optimize Space: Metal Twin Size Loft Beds 

Twin Sized Lofted Bed Frame

If you’ve been wanting to transition your child into a more functional room space, this twin-size loft bed is the perfect way to do it. This smart design allows for easy separation between the relaxation space and the workspace. It’s the perfect piece of furniture for those with limited space available. 

Price: $254.99 $169.99

5) Most Stylish Futon Sofa: Brittany Sofa Futon

In Body Image

This modern and stylish futon sofa will kick your grandma’s hand-me-down sofa bed to the curb with ease. Say goodbye to that old beat-up futon riddled with lumps and bumps, and say hello to your newest and best furniture deal sofa. With easy to clean upholstery and a sturdy wooden frame, you’ll finally be able to have your guests stay the night.

Price: $361.38

6) Best Accent Chair for a Pop of Color: Upholstered Mid Century Modern Armchair

Yellow Accent Chair

What’s one quick way to turn your dreary office into a bright and comfortable sanctuary? By adding an accent chair with a pop of color. This brightly upholstered armchair is the perfect addition to any office, living room, or seating area. Complete with low-profile back and arms, removable back and seat cushions, and sturdy wooden legs, you won’t be giving this seat up so easily the next time you have guests coming around. 

Price: $257.89 $239.89

7) Best Rustic Dining Table: Carlisle Outdoor Dining Table 

Wood slat outdoor dining table

Who doesn’t love a good picnic table? This beautiful dining table has been crafted to resemble our childhood favorite, but with a little more class. Made from sustainable acacia wood and rugged iron, this is the perfect table for a presentable but functional dining room. 

Price: $349.99 $199.69

8) Best Velvet Loveseat: Velvet Fabric Sofa

Green Velvet loveseat

If you’re in the market for a loveseat to fill your space, look no further than this pink beauty from YHML. It has a modern design complete with high-end velvet fabric and button tuftings for a retro charm. Its refined hard-wood frame ensures durability, and its complementary matching throw pillows make your job a little easier. Don’t settle for another run-of-the-mill piece of furniture, think pink instead! 

Price: $524.99 $443.99

9) Best Furniture Sale Bed: Kelly Bed with Storage

Pull out storage bed

Have you been looking for a bed frame that can do more? Not only is this Kelly bed a great option for ensuring a sturdy base and foundation for your mattress, but it comes with four hidden drawers for optimal storage usage. If you need a bed with a little extra, the Kelly bed is a great option with a great deal. 

Price: $560.99 $385.00

10) Best Furniture Deal Retro Coffee Table: Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Wooden modern coffee table

This one’s for all the retro furniture lovers out there that can’t afford to spend a couple thousand on an antique piece. A lovely replica of classic mid-century coffee tables, this table delivers an organic aesthetic with concealed storage space and durable construction. It’s everything you love from the 80s furniture scene without any damage or wear. 

Price: $346.50 $212.17

11) Best Modern Low-Back Sofa: Velvet Tufted Low-Back Sofa 

Modern low back sofa

We’ve got a contemporary favorite for you with this modern low-back sofa. Upholstered in beautiful dark grey velvet, this sofa is sure to add a little bit of class and comfort to your home. Designed as an L-shaped sectional, this couch can fit eight comfortably and features an elongated chaise section. With high-resilient density foam, this couch will provide maximum comfort and durability throughout its whole life-cycle.

Price: $2,199.99

12) Best Weaved Leather Accent Chair:  Brown Leather Weave and Black Safari Accent Chair

Leather Weave accent armchair

Choosing the right furniture can be difficult, but we hope we’ve eased the pain a little with this beautiful mahogany and leather weaved accent chair. With its high-quality materials, stunning design, stellar ratings, adding this piece to your home collection should be a no-brainer.

Price: $591.99 $749.99

13) Best Minimal Coffee Table: Signature Design by Ashley Wynora Contemporary Round Coffee Table

wynora contemporary end table

This coffee table isn’t just a piece of furniture, it’s an art piece. Guests will surely be wowed by this beautiful piece of glasswork with a strong silhouette and rounded edges. It’s the perfect addition to any minimalist home as it blends into the background.

Price: $259 $169.99

14) Most Comfortable Lounge Chair: Big Joe Milano

Ivory Bean bag for best black friday furniture deals

Embrace the pairing of comfort and style with this trendy furry lounge chair. Its soft shag faux fur is the perfect choice for any living room, bedroom, or playroom. You’ll love sinking down into its luxurious lightweight beans and find comfort in the fact that they can be replenished at any time. 

Price: $98.26

15) Best Bar Cart with Gold Accents: Large Gold Rolling Bar Cart

Large gold rolling bar cart

Show off your signature drink choices in style with this large gold rolling bar cart. Its holding shelves are made of mirrors and its framework is made of iron so you’ll have a smooth and sturdy surface to place all your drinks and containers. Thanks to its attached wheels, you’ll be able to roll this bar cart into any room in your house for entertaining purposes, or for an extra level of decor. 

Price: $139.99 $95.99

16) Largest Leather Living Room Pouf: Large Square Leather Cover Pouf 

Large leather pouf for best black friday furniture deals

Do you feel like you never have enough seating during family gatherings or friendly game nights? You can change that easily with this large leather cover pouf that can double as your living room or family room coffee table. 

As this pouf comes unstuffed, you’ll have the free reign to fill it with any kind of material you’d like. You can create a sturdy frame with stronger stuffing, or customize your perfect lounge softness with down stuffing. Possibilities are endless and style is inescapable with this large leather pouf.

Price: $179.99 $159.99

17) Best Boucle Couch: Modway Restore 4-Piece Upholstered Sectional Sofa

Modway Restore 4-Piece Upholstered Sectional Sof

One of our best furniture deals is this gorgeous modern upholstered couch. It is a combination of all the on trend styles in home furniture today. The seamless shape nods towards minimalism, and the luxe fabric gives way to a dense foam padding. This sofa will brighten up any home and beg your visitors to take a seat and relax. 

Price: $2,276.96 $2,293.62

19) Most Modern Bar Cart: Glass Side Table

Glass bar cart

Acrylic furniture hit its peak popularity in the mid 60s and late 70s, but make no mistake, it’s having a major comeback. This is the perfect piece to add to your cut-price furniture bounty. Its clear properties make it a perfect medium for small spaces, as it doesn’t take up much space, visually. Now, outfitted with wheels and storage levels, you’ve got the perfect side table and bar cart to cater to your needs. 

Price: $299.00 $186.27

20) Best Upholstered Loveseat: Lynnwood Upholstered Sofa 

Lynwood love seat sofa

If you’re looking for a smart couch with a serious personality, this is the perfect match for you. Its soft camel faux leather paired with its square arms and buttonless tufting give it a contemporary feel that will add class to any living space. 

With a durable wooden frame, upholstered finish, and compact size, this sofa and loveseat effortlessly fit into small spaces to finish your space with a modern flair and airy feel.

Price: $505.59 $499.99

The Daily Dot may receive a payment in connection with purchases of products or services featured in this article. Read our Ethics Policy to learn more.

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