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Here are some screenshots from Jacob Wohl’s arraignment you may enjoy

The duo appeared before a court in Michigan today.


David Covucci


Precocious Republican grifter Jacob Wohl and his partner Jack Burkman have spent the past two years routinely spreading lies, scams, and smears too numerous to all link to here. And along the way, people have wondered when these two, who have routinely spread baseless defamation claims against just about everyone, would get their comeuppance.

Well, last week, the duo was charged with an array of felonies for their voter suppression robocall in Michigan, and today they were virtually arraigned.

Here are some images from that arraignment. Wohl wore a red face mask that covered his face, while Burkman kept his American flag mask around his chin.

In Body Image

Eventually Burkman placed his mask over his face.

The two were given a $100,000 bond and an updated court date of Oct. 15. The judge ordered the two to not participate in any robocalls while they were out on bond.

Throughout the hearing, Burkman’s counsel Scott Grabel consistently attempted to go undermine the Michigan attorney general for filing the case, claiming it was a publicity stunt for a congressional run.

This story is developing and will be updated.

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