Florida Governor Ron DeSantis how tall is he

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How tall is Ron DeSantis? Photo of heel on his ‘cowboy’ boots raises questions

Only he knows the truth.


Claire Goforth


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is one of the most polarizing politicians in the country. Fans love his attacks on public education, transgender kids, and the press. Detractors despise those same moves with equal intensity. But one thing unites citizens of the web throughout the political spectrum: Asking just how tall Ron DeSantis is.

This week, DeSantis officially announced he was seeking the 2024 Republican nomination for president. But how he did so raised some concerns. Instead of standing behind a podium, he did an audio-only announcement, where no one could see DeSantis’ height.

While many political figures’ heights are a matter of public record, others are notoriously tight-lipped or deceptive about their true stature. In the former camp, you’ll find President Joe Biden (6’0″), Chris Christie (5’11”), and Jeb Bush (6’3″). In the latter, there’s United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, former President Donald Trump, and now DeSantis.

Many politicians’ heights are listed on their Wikipedia page. Not DeSantis. His Wikipedia contains no mention of his height. One site noted that estimates of his height vary from 5’9″ to 6’2″. Others say he’s closer to 5’7″.

Height obviously has no bearing on a person’s ability to govern. It’s also true that taller candidates are more likely to win the U.S. presidency. DeSantis has faced an uphill climb in the polls ever since he announced his candidacy, as voters appear to prefer Trump.

But is it because of his height?

Taller men are generally more likely to be president. During the 2016 presidential race, the Washington Post reported that the last president who was shorter than 5’9″ was William McKinley (5’7″). McKinley was president from 1897-1901.

This may explain why some presidential candidates have been accused of using various means to fudge the numbers on their height. For example, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is officially 5’9″ or 5’10”, but is rumored to actually be closer to 5’8″, which he may conceal by wearing a bit of a heel.

How tall is Ron DeSantis?

DeSantis’ footwear choices have inspired similar speculation that he’s aspiring to greater heights than nature provided.

There’s nothing wrong with men wearing heels. Yet DeSantis’ supporters do not take kindly to people accusing him of wearing heels.

A recent photo of DeSantis had some wondering.

When someone asked why DeSantis was wearing what he thought were high heels in the photo, former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis snapped back, “You haven’t seen cowboy boots? Have you even BEEN outside the beltway, like… ever?”

Others came running to the comments to give DeSantis a boost.

DeSantis could well be wearing an average pair of boots. He could also have chosen them specifically for a generous heel.

Some allege that he wears lifts, which are insoles that increase your height without the obvious tell of a heel.

A much, much stranger rumor is that DeSantis went under the knife to ensure he towers over the competition.

Josh Marshall of the political site Talking Points Memo recently ran a joke Twitter poll asking people how much they want to know DeSantis’ true height “prior to any surgical leg extensions, if they occurred.” Nearly 85% of the over 3,000 respondents chose “we need the truth now.”

There is no evidence that DeSantis had surgery to make him taller. But people think it’s hilarious nevertheless.

“The rumors that Gov. DeSantis has had height-enhancing surgery are unfounded and despicable and should be spread across the internet,” @DwightMccabe responded.

The subject of DeSantis’ height has inspired more than one poll.

As arguably amusing as the polls and commentary may be, none of it answers the question at the heart of the matter: Exactly how tall is Ron DeSantis?

Howtallis.org says that Florida’s governor is 6’1″. Celebheights.com claims that DeSantis is 5’11”. World-wire.com has him pegged at 5’9″. One Twitter user placed him closer to 5’7″.

Photos offer limited guidance. As one Twitter user pointed out, DeSantis looked to be about the same height as 6’1″ Tiger Woods in a recent picture—but photographic evidence is negated if he’s wearing heels and/or lifts.

DeSantis’ height remains a mystery, one which is certain to keep coming up. The subject has already reportedly inspired one of the nicknames Trump is workshopping for him: Tiny D.

DeSantis’ currently trails Trump significantly in 2024 polls. And while his height hasn’t been much of an issue, his penchant for touching his nose recently went viral.

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