Chad Lyle

Chad Lyle is a senior journalism student at the University of Texas. He previously reported on the Texas Legislature for the Daily Texan and has also written for ORANGE Magazine and the Denton Record-Chronicle.

breathalyzer blueprint daads

The future of booze: Activists are pushing for a future without drunk driving. Here’s the blueprint

'It clearly needs to be mandated.'

On Aug 13, 2020 by Chad Lyle

man with gloves delivering wine in a Drizly-branded cardboard box

The future of booze: Can this alcohol delivery app keep up the momentum?

As the coronavirus took over, apps like Drizly took off.

On Aug 12, 2020 by Chad Lyle

smash mouth at concert during coronavirus pandemic

Smash Mouth is being dragged for tone-deaf coronavirus comment at concert

Attendees were almost entirely absent of face masks and were not social distancing.

On Aug 10, 2020 by Chad Lyle

zachary latham tiktok stabbing

Teen accused of killing neighbor for TikTok fame

Zachary Latham is still posting TikTok videos.

On Aug 4, 2020 by Chad Lyle

white woman yells racist slurs at Black landscapers

Video shows white woman calling landscapers the N-word in racist meltdown

The woman yells multiple slurs at the men.

On Aug 3, 2020 by Chad Lyle

Homepage article image

YouTuber takes his one-man Black Lives Matter protest to ‘America’s most racist town’

'I wouldn’t stay after dark, man.'

On Jul 28, 2020 by Chad Lyle

Homepage article image

No, Hurricane Hanna didn’t knock down part of the border wall

The video circulating social media was filmed in June.

On Jul 27, 2020 by Chad Lyle

Homepage article image

Reddit Mom praised for supporting son’s coming out, confronting homophobic husband

We stan u/CountryMamaLynn.

On Jul 21, 2020 by Chad Lyle

austin mcbroom

YouTube dad Austin McBroom called out for hitting daughter’s bottom

He also said, 'Oh God damn.'

On Jul 21, 2020 by Chad Lyle

chance the rapper kanye west 2020 election president

Chance the Rapper endorses Kanye West for president in lengthy Twitter rant

'Can someone explain why Joe Biden would be better?'

On Jul 13, 2020 by Chad Lyle

keyona carson gofundme

9-year-old shot four times while filming TikTok videos

He was hit four times during a drive-by shooting.

On Jul 13, 2020 by Chad Lyle

Homepage article image

Activists demand body cam footage after police shoot man in parked car

Police say the man was armed.

On Jul 6, 2020 by Chad Lyle

Addison Rae blackfishing

TikTok star Addison Rae accused of blackfishing

The video of Rae getting her makeup done has since been removed.

On Jun 30, 2020 by Chad Lyle

Homepage article image

Twitch star struck by lightning during live stream

In a freak accident, Karma was struck via her controller.

On Jun 30, 2020 by Chad Lyle

James Charles

James Charles accused of molesting fellow YouTuber

YouTuber Blaire White accused him of sexual assault.

On Jun 29, 2020 by Chad Lyle