Addison Rae blackfishing

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TikTok star Addison Rae accused of blackfishing

The video of Rae getting her makeup done has since been removed.


Chad Lyle


Posted on Jun 30, 2020

A video of Addison Rae getting her makeup done has put the TikTok star under scrutiny after people online noticed her skin color was much darker in the video than Rae has previously appeared. The video was posted to Rae’s Snapchat and has reportedly been removed since attracting controversy. 

Many Twitter users are contrasting earlier images of Rae—where her skin is much lighter—with stills from the Snapchat video. 

“Nobody’s talking about addison rae switchin up ethnicities on us,” user @luvrslaine tweeted. 

User @thejuliacompton called out Rae for blackfishing, a phenomenon where white people try to get away with appearing Black or ethnically ambiguous by appropriating physical traits associated with Black people—usually women—such as skin color. 

“So are we just not gonna talk about this extremely popular influencer with a huge platform taking part in black face,” @thejuliacompton tweeted along with the hashtag #Blackfish.

One user noted that Rae isn’t the only member of her family who might be engaging in the problematic behavior, saying Rae’s mom has also recently appeared darker than her normal skin tone. 

“Now tell me why Addison Rae and her mother look that dark when they’re usually this light… something ain’t right about this,” @GNGWALLOWS posted alongside images of Rae and her mother.

Rae was the subject of another apparent controversy Saturday when she appeared to tell fellow TikTok star Kio Cyr to “Say the N-word” during a live stream. Clips from the stream received pushback online. In the video, Rae covers her hand and whispers something to Cyr, who then says “No!” quickly, which Rae follows up by saying she was kidding. 

However, this controversy was not exactly what it seemed. Cyr later clarified that he was asked “Did you say the N-word?” by Rae, rather than being told to use the slur by the TikTok star. 

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“She said ‘did you say’ lmao chill,” Cyr replied to an Instagram post about the live stream by drama account @teaontok.

As of Tuesday evening, Rae has not yet responded to accusations of blackfishing or addressed the Snapchat video that sparked the claims.


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*First Published: Jun 30, 2020, 9:09 pm CDT