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top10youtube2.png (1440×720) The 10 most influential YouTube channels of 2013
In a year of pranks and fails, these are the channels and creators that left the biggest mark on YouTube this year—and not always for the better.
undefined 'Lord of the Rings' makes @Horse_ebooks fun again
The best mystery on the Internet might have been ruined, but it's nothing a little dose of Hobbit can't solve.
undefined The failed YouTube channels of the @Horse_ebooks team
The mystery deepens.
undefined @Horse_ebooks is dead, and so is everything fun about Internet mysteries
Two performance artists killed two Internet phenomenons with one alternative reality game. 
undefined The unhappy ending to the Internet's most suspenseful countdown
After three years of work and 77 days of tense waiting, Pronunciation Book will likely end with neither a bang nor a whimper.