The 10 creepiest messages from YouTube’s Pronunciation Book

Pronunciation Book, a simple YouTube channel meant to teach non-English speakers how to say basic English words, morphed into a creepy mystery last month. Out of nowhere, its videos segued into an ominous and vague countdown with “random” sentences and some variation of the warning “Something is going to happen in XX days.”

The shift started with a video called “How to Pronounce 77.” The countdown ends Sept. 24, and across the Web—from 4chan to Reddit—people are working extensively to try and solve the mystery. Here at the Daily Dot, we still think it’s leading to a reboot of the sci-fi cult TV show Battlestar Galactica.

While we wait for all to be revealed, catch up on the 10 most unsettling sentences from the three years of Pronunciation Book.  

1) “Please help me escape from this place.”

2) “I’m sorry that I let you do this to me. I’m sorry that we tried to be young heroes.”

3) “I saw his arm get torn off like a ticket stub.”

4) “Don knows what happened on the riverboat.”

5) “I never said that I condoned it. I just said that I wouldn’t have been able to stop it.”

6) “Something terrible happened on May 10th.”

7“You can’t understand what it’s like to be stuck here.”  

8) “This tragedy is no one’s fault but our own.”  

9) “No one is ready. He watches the market.”

10) “No one is singing. Every day is the same.”

Photo via Diego3336/Flickr Creative Commons

Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn is an actress, comedian, and blogger who covered YouTube for the Daily Dot. Since 2016, she’s hosted the podcast ‘Bad with Money,’ and operates a successful YouTube channel. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Vice, and Salon.