‘Lord of the Rings’ makes @Horse_ebooks fun again


The best mystery on the Internet might have been ruined, but it’s nothing a little dose of Hobbit can’t solve.

Today, an amazed Internet learned that mystery YouTube phenomenon Pronunciation Book and iconic Twitter supposed-to-be-a-bot @horse_ebooks are not only both run by real people, but have been in cahoots on their unsuspecting public for years. The two are planning to wrap up their respective projects and launch a nebulous alternate reality game.

But for those of you who need some time to mourn the passing of a Twitter account that could easily have stood as the greatest of all time, a recently created Lord of the Rings Tumblr may help you celebrate @horse_ebooks’ life and death in true hobbit style.

Horseoftherings appeared on August 30th with this helpful aphorism:

Since then it’s been updating regularly, applying hilarious tweets from the horse_ebooks account to unexpectedly hilarious contexts from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.  

In some cases, the combined whole definitely transcends its parts.


And often, it’s even a little eerily on point:

horseoftherings combines the randomness of the original @horse_ebooks with a fondness for Tolkien’s epic fantasy series that comes through despite the non sequiturs and out-of-context images.

And, above all, it’s a fittingly random, affectionate tribute to everyone’s newly departed favorite Twitter.

Images via horseoftherings/Tumblr, screengrab via elveness.net.

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