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jeb bush

Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert blasts Jeb Bush for fundraising during 'Late Show' appearance
'Don't you wish you'd consulted Stephen before launching your contest?'
More Republicans think Ted Cruz was born in the US than think Barack Obama was born in the US. Republican voters still don't know where Barack Obama or Ted Cruz were born
Pro tip: Ted Cruz was born in Canada.
donald trump angrily holding a justice scale Donald Trump in '89: Unshackle cops from cries of police brutality
Donald Trump isn't soft on crime—even when the facts are against him.
Hillary Clinton The biggest problem with how we talk about Hillary Clinton's campaign
You can hate her, but this is absolutely the wrong reason.
Jeb Bush wants you to think that Donald Trump is a Democrat
What else do you call someone who called Rep. Nancy Pelosi 'the greatest'?
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